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Request Alternative Text


If you have been approved for alternative textbooks by Student Accessibility Services, you may only request books for courses which you are enrolled in.  You will need to submit the request as soon as possible, so there is no delay in obtaining the needed format. You may contact the bookstore, department, or professor to find out the information (title, author, edition, copyright date, publisher and ISBN number) for your required textbooks.  You must purchase or rent a copy of the textbook or course pack for which electronic formats or alternative text is requested and provide the receipt to Student Accessibility Services. This is a copyright requirement.

In order to meet the immediate needs of as many students as possible, alternate text may be produced at the Student Accessibility Services and provided in stages based on course syllabus and direction from the requesting student. The student should be prepared to provide the text book for a short period of time on request from Student Accessibility Services in order to reproduce part of the textbook as required when the publication is not available from Access Text, BookShare, other organizations or the publisher. 

Note: Some textbooks are unavailable in an electronic format. In some cases, these texts may need to be altered for scanning purposes, which may affect your ability to sell these texts upon completion of the course.

Process for requesting alternative text:

1.  Log in to the Student Accommodate Portal

2.  Under "Accommodation" on the left navigation pane, select "Alternative Format" 

3.  Once alternative format comes up, select "Student Entered"

4.  Next, select "Upload Document for Alternative Format Request"

5.  Fill in the information requested for each book, upload your receipt as requested, and then click "Submit"

6.  Student Accessibility Services will initiate the request of the alternative format within three (3) working days after the request is received, along with attached receipt(s) for the request.  When your alternative text has arrived, you will be notified via your NKU email account on how to download the materials. 

A video walking you through the above instructions is also available.