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  • Emotional Support Animal Guidelines and Documentation

    FALL Deadline: July 15th, SPRING Deadline: December 1st, SUMMER Deadline: April 1st. Northern Kentucky University (“NKU” or “University”) recognizes the importance of both “Service Animals” as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) and the broader category of “Emotional Support Animals” under the Fair Housing Act. NKU values the use of Service Animals on campus to facilitate full-participation and equal access to University programs and activities. NKU is also committed to permitting Emotional Support Animals to provide individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to use and enjoy University Housing.

  • Veterinarian Verification Form

    If you are seeking approval for an Emotional Support Animal in University Housing, you will need to have this form completed by the veterinarian of your animal before it will be approved and allowed in University Housing.