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Request Accommodation Letter


Student Accessibility Services communicates a student’s approved accommodations via letters that are requested and delivered by the student to their instructors. The letters include all of the classroom accommodations that are approved for an individual student.

Process for requesting an accommodation letter:

1.  Log in to the Student Accommodate Portal

2.  Under "Accommodation" on the left navigation pane, select "Semester Request" 

3.  Once the semester request comes up, select "Add New"

4.  Select the semester you want the letter for

5.  You can then submit the request for all accommodations, which means all of your accommodations will appear for all courses

6.  If you want to choose which accommodations will appear, select "Review the Renewal" and then you may delete accommodations that you don't want to utilize

7.  Within 3 to 5 business days, you will be able to log back in to the Student Accommodate Portal and on the left navigation pane, under "Accommodation" select "Accommodation Letters"

8.  From there you will be able to print your accommodation letter or generate it as a pdf and email it to your instructors

Student Accessibility Services recommends that students meet with instructors during office hours or by private appointment to discuss any necessary accommodations or essential elements of the course. If you are in an online course, you may be able to set up accommodations via an email dialogue or you can request to have a phone or video conversation instead.

Students must repeat steps 1-8 each semester.

video walking you through the above instructions is also available.

Student Accessibility Services staff are available to support students through each of these steps. Students who have questions or concerns about receiving accommodations after meeting with their instructor should contact Student Accessibility Services as soon as possible.

Important Information:

Instructors are under no obligation to provide accommodations for a student who does not identify as a student with a disability via an Accommodation Letter.

The student is responsible for requesting new letters at the beginning of each semester.

Student Accessibility Services will not be able to process forms with incomplete information.

If a student needs to request a modification of accommodations, the student should meet with Student Accessibility Services to discuss the change.

Accommodations go into effect once the Accommodation Letter has been delivered and discussed with instructors; accommodations are not retroactive.