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2020-Present: John Farrar A&S Chemistry & Biochemistry
1997-1999: Chuck Frank COI Computer Science
1982-1983: Tom Cate COB Economics & Finance
2017-2020: Matthew Zacate A&S Physics 1996-1997: Carrie McCoy COHP Nursing 1981-1982: Debra Pearce A&S Biology    
2015-2017: Michael Baranowski A&S Political Science
1995-1997: Kathleen Verderber COB Management 1980-1981:      
2013-2015: Steven Weiss* COI Communication
1993-1995: Nancy Firak Chase Law
2009-2013: Alar Lipping COED Kinesiology 1991-1993: J. Michael Thompson A&S Political Science
2007-2009: David Hogan A&S Psychology
1990-1991: James Thomas A&S Psychology
2005-2007: William Oliver A&S Chemistry
1989-1990: Dennis O'Keefe A&S Political Science
2004-2005: Carol Bredemeyer* Chase Law 1987-1989: Nancy Martin SOTA      
2002-2004: Steven Weiss* COI Communication 1986-1987: Lynn Langmeyer COB Management & Marketing      
2001-2002: Jeffrey Smith A&S Psychology 1985-1986: George Goedel A&S Psychology      
1999-2001 Gaut Ragsdale COI Communication
1984-1986: Mike Ryan A&S History & Geography
Jeffrey Williams Faculty Senate President
James McKinney President of Faculty Assembly