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Since its founding in 1968, Northern Kentucky University has become recognized as the pre-eminent learner-centered institution in the northern Kentucky region and has taken its place as one of the three major higher educational facilities in the greater Cincinnati area. The W. Frank Steely Library, is the hub of research and creative activity at Northern Kentucky University. The Friends of Steely Library (FoSL) organization was founded in 1985. The dedicated members support the library’s innovative services, collections, and spaces. FoSL promotes the library’s positive reputation in the community and assists the library in its fundraising efforts.

Unlike an academic area of the university, the library has no designated “alumni.” However, what student can say they earned their degree from NKU without the expertise and resources provided by the library? This is why the Friends exist. They understand the central role of the library in providing services, collections, and spaces that contribute to the exceptional student experience at NKU.

Become a Friend of Steely Library

  • Individual Membership will be accorded to an individual with a one-time annual contribution of at least $50.
  • Life Membership will be accorded to an individual with a one-time contribution of $1,200.
  • Corporate Membership shall be accorded to a corporation or business with a one-time annual contribution of $100.
  • Honorary Life Membership shall be conferred to an individual or organization upon recommendation of the FOSL Board of Directors.

All members, regardless of level, will receive a library branded gift. Additionally, Friends contributing $100 or more will receive:

  • Advanced notification of Steely Library and FoSL events
  • Invitations to VIP receptions for speaker events
  • Invitation to attend an NKU basketball game in the President’s Suite

Life Members and Honorary Life Members receive recognition on the Life Membership plaque.

Become a Friend of Steely Library by giving today.