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Mary Stallings
When Mary Stallings first enrolled in college, studying to become a teacher wasn’t in her plans. However, after two years at an engineering school and undergoing a medical procedure to have her kidney removed, the Louisville native had time to reflect on her studies, through which she realized that her true passion was education. In order to save money, Stallings moved back to her home state, which ultimately led her to Northern Kentucky University, where she studied middle grades education—specifically math and science. 

Looking back at her time at NKU, she finds it difficult to pick just one favorite professor. She cites Bethany Noblitt, Shawn Faulkner, Sarah Kasten and Kim Yates as instrumental in her college experience but particularly enjoyed her classes taught by Dr. Noblitt, associate professor of mathematics and statistics.

"Take as many diverse courses as you can, your plan is not written in cement. Learn what you love before committing to a career."

Stallings recommends that incoming freshmen keep their options open for the future. 

“Take as many diverse courses as you can, your plan is not written in cement,” she says. “Learn what you love before committing to a career.” 

Her favorite NKU memory was taking a class taught by science education director Kim Yates, which taught students to identify plants using an app—a technique Stallings hopes to use in her own future classroom. Long-term subbing was another formative experience, putting her in charge of a sixth-grade math class on her own. 

After graduation, she looks forward to moving, and is currently looking for a school that incorporates project based learning and social emotional learning as integral parts of successful education.

Outside of the classroom, she also plans to invest in her hobbies: crocheting, playing with her puppy, hiking and learning new skills. 

“Getting my degree tells me that even with nobody in my corner, I can still do anything I put my mind to,” she says.

About This Article

May 2023

Written by
Jude Noel ('18)
Communications Specialist, NKU Magazine

Photography by
Scott Beseler