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The Event Planning sub-tab of Student Administration provides access to functions related to course schedule construction and maintenance.

Event Planning - Create, change, and cancel course sections for upcoming semesters during the approved scheduling period.  The event planning application has a Simple tab for creating most course sections, and an Advanced tab for special sections (irregularly scheduled, lecture/lab combinations, hybrid sections, linked events, and shared events).  Review the overview documentation for a comprehensive look at the process, or use the more specific instructional documents and simulations for assistance with particular aspects of event planning.

Overview and Other Resources

+ Event Planning Dictionary of Terms
Event Planning Overview & Instructions
Event Planning FAQs
Extract Section Information Instructions
Standard Class Meeting Times Guide - Fall/Spring Semesters
Standard Class Meeting Times Guide - Summer Semester Simple Tab

+ Add Regular Section:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Add Online Section:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Add TBA Section Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Change an Existing Section:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Cancel a Section:  Instructions  Video Tutorial

Advanced Tab Functions

+ Add Regular Section with Exceptions:  Instructions  Video Tutorial

+ Add Irregular Section:  Instructions  Video Tutorial

+ Add Lecture/Lab Combined Section:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Add Hybrid Section:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Add Linked Events:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Add Shared Events:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Maintain Credit Hours for Variable Credit Courses:
   Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Add Service Learning Component:  Instructions  Video Tutorial

   Service Learning FAQ (from Scripps Howard Center)
   Service Learning Checklist (from Scripps Howard Center)

Update Section Seats, Instructors, and Workload - Change section optimum and maximum capacity, instructor assignments, and instructor workload after the event planning application has closed.

+ Update Section Seats:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Update Instructors:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Update Instructor Workload:  Instructions  Video Tutorial

Add/Change/Cancel Sections After Online Editing Has Closed - With Event Planning 3, workflow functionality was added, allowing users to add/change/cancel sections after online editing has closed. These requests are then approved/rejected through the workflow system.

+ Add/Change/Cancel Sections After Online Editing Has Closed: Instructions
+ Approve/Reject Secction Adds/Changes/Cancellations After Online Editing Has Closed:  Instructions