SLCM processes comprise all of the student-related functions in myNKU, and take place across all of the myNKU systems - transactional (GUI), portal, and reporting (BW). SLCM processes, policies, and data are administered by several offices as well, including primarily the Office of Admission, Office of the Registrar, Student Account Services, and Office of Student Financial Assistance. Examples of CM functions include review of applications for admission, academic advising, course registration, permit entry, course schedule construction, grade and attendance reporting, degree audit, application for graduation, transcript requests, student billing and collections, and financial aid administration.


Business Warehouse (BW) Reports

  • Changed Specializations (Past 2 Weeks)
  • Changed Specializations (Semester)
  • Class Roster by Semester and Org Unit
  • Course Listing
  • Enrollment and Registration Cart Count
  • Faculty Grade Distribution Report
  • Gen Ed Fill Rate
  • Grade Distribution Report
  • Graduation Data w/ Specialization
  • Midterm Grades Appraisal
  • NKU Enrollment by Specialization
  • Open Matriculation and Advisors
  • PB/S Numbers by College
  • SCH Per FTE - Summary