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Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Rozin

Elizabeth Rozin
Elizabeth Rozin is a senior business information systems major with a minor in health informatics from Toronto, Canada.

In addition to academics, Elizabeth is a statistics and accounting tutor. She is also a member of the NKU women’s tennis team. this semester, she began her master’s in business informatics while finishing up her undergraduate degree.

“The first time I toured campus, it felt like home—I could see myself being here. I didn’t get quite the same feeling anywhere else."

What led you to NKU? What made you stay?
I went to a tennis showcase in Florida, and I met with our coach there. He was really nice and inviting, and that meeting made me want to come and visit NKU. Right away I fell in love with NKU. The first time I toured campus it felt like home—I could see myself being here. I didn’t get quite the same feeling anywhere else. My major is also a more unique one, so the fact that NKU has that program is a big plus. The people here have kept me here. I have met so many amazing people and made so many friends. I really like the campus and everything that happens. I also have an awesome team, and I love my major, so leaving never really crossed my mind.

What made you decide on your major?
It took me a while to get to business information systems. I started off as a biology major. It was tough, especially because I had no clue what I wanted to do. Then I saw business informatics and thought it was something a little bit different. It's business, but it’s also computer science, so I felt like I could do a lot with it. It’s also an emerging field which I liked, so I decided to try it out.

I really like programming. I like puzzles and stuff like that, so I find it to be really cool and technical. It still blows my mind with the technology that I can be a part of coming up with so many new things. It’s truly a mix though, with the coding and the business and the ethics; it can truly take you anywhere. In addition to my major, I am a health informatics minor, so I can also do work within a health care system if I want to, because I know about health care.

What experiences have prepared you for your post-NKU life?

The group assignments are really useful. We’re coming with a system, then analyzing and designing it. It’s a real-life example of what we do, and we get to work with different students which I think really prepares you for group work in the field. With the work we’re doing, not everything is always going to work out and that’s definitely reflected in our projects, so we have to work through the issues. These big projects, instead of smaller assignments, have been the best preparation for me.

What advice do you have for incoming or current NKU students?
Get involved on campus and make new friends. Take advantage of all of the opportunities NKU has for you. I would also say explore your options. Not everyone comes into college knowing what they want to do, so if there are different activities you can do that relate to different majors, do them. Take classes from a variety of different majors so you can see what you like, because you might like something you hadn’t even thought of doing. Don’t be afraid to explore.