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New Surplus Process: NKU faculty and staff

We are pleased to announce that on Friday, April 1, 2022, NKU Surplus will re-open to begin accepting surplus items. There is a new online form and workflow through TeamDynamix that you must now complete which replaces the old paper form. The new form can be found on Procurement’s website via the New Surplus Form page or the Procurement Service Catalog page.

This will allow all inventory items to be tracked throughout their transit to Surplus for transfer to another department, sale or disposal.

Sales of surplus items directly from Surplus with buy-it-now pricing will now be conducted at various times throughout the year with dates posted on Procurement’s website. Employees will no longer be able to purchase items except on those designated dates and times. We plan to have one or two sales each month beginning in April depending on what is available. More information will be forthcoming.

We will continue to utilize GovDeals ( as our preferred method of selling surplus items on an ongoing basis. You may register with them and participate in those auctions at any time.

NKU Surplus would especially like to thank Nick Pearson of IT Services for his assistance in developing our new process.

If you have any questions, please send an email to



Invoicing Scams

Multiple invoicing scams have been reported in the area to The Better Business Bureau.  We frequently receive calls from “vendors” asking an employee what model of printer is in their office and then shipping a printer cartridge and invoicing at a very high price.  Please review all invoices very carefully to verify that the invoice is legitimate and the merchandise / service was ordered and received before submitting it for payment.

Please visit the Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker to view current scams in the area.

Notice to Suppliers:

Fraudulent Quote Request/Purchase Order Email Activity

 Northern Kentucky University Procurement Services wants to alert vendors to active email scams involving quotation requests and issue of purchase orders that impersonate originating from the University, but are actually fraudulent in nature. This activity includes impersonation of University employees who hold purchasing authority as well as exchange of forged University purchase orders.


The scam may begin with an email quote request for specific merchandise. Subsequent to the quote, a purchase order is emailed to the business that bears resemblance
to an official NKU purchase order. The purchase order instructs delivery to an
address not affiliated with the University. After shipping the items, the
business never receives payment and is unable to retrieve the shipped products.


While the University cannot prevent this illegal activity, we want to inform the vendor
community and promote awareness of such events. Major universities across the
US have been targets of scams involving fraudulent quote requests or purchase


To assist you in identifying possible scam activity, some common traits or themes of
fraudulent quote requests/purchase orders, which may help reduce the risk to
your company from becoming a victim of this scam, are below:


•     The message requests shipment/delivery of products to a
non-NKU address. While the University occasionally does
request shipments to official satellite destinations, the shipping address will
not be to warehouses, hotels, apartments, mobile home parks, or residential
addresses that are out of state. Use internet services such as Google Maps or
MapQuest to confirm delivery information.

•     The sender’s phone number is in a format other than that of the
University’s ((859) 572-XXXX)

•     The delivery zip code is something other than 41099 or 41076

•     The quote may request large quantities of highly resalable items
such as electronics, hard drives, memory, toner, medical items, etc.

•     The sender's email address is not the same as the University’s
standard email address domain ( With few exceptions, a valid inquiry
or quote request will almost always originate from within the domain.

•     The email message may be poorly written, with misspellings and
awkward sentence structure.

•     A Northern Kentucky University purchase order will only be issued
by employed staff of Procurement Services. Those persons, with their
correlating email and phone numbers, can be found and validated on the Procurement
website at


The message may include an attachment that is designed to look
like an official request for quote or NKU purchase order. It may include an
authentic logo copied from our website or contain other graphics designed to
appear legitimate. It may also include a forged signature that appears to be


If you are not familiar with the form and/or content of an NKU purchase order or suspect fraud in any way, please forward the message to in order to verify its legitimacy before responding to the email or fulfilling the order. You may also contact our office by phone (859) 572-5265, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to
4:30 p.m.


Please note that the University cannot be held responsible and disclaims liability for any goods fraudulently or invalidly ordered by or delivered to perpetrators based on this activity.


Procurement Decision Tree

Please click on the link above to access the NKU Procurement Decision Tree.  This flow chart will demonstrate basic purchasing guidelines.  You may also copy and paste the address below:

Charter Bus Services

After careful consideration of all proposals submitted for the NKU Charter Bus Transportation RFP, the selection committee has decided to select Queen City Transportation as our contracted Charter Bus provider.  Queen City was selected due to their pricing, services offered, qualifications, previous record of performance, as well as their understanding and commitment to the needs of the University.

Please contact Aaron Haid at Queen City Transportation to schedule.


President of Queen City Transportation

Aaron Haid

513-941-8700 (office)

513-708-7782 (mobile)

NKU Promo Item, Apparel & Print Web Portal

Please view the NKU Promo Item, Apparel & Print Web Portal User Tutorial for instructions on purchasing promotional items and print.

Technology Procurement change to workflow

Beginning Feb. 15, technology items in excess of $500 that are procured using the technology-related material groups listed below will have an additional workflow approval through the Office of Information Technology. Your process of submission and existing workflows will not change, but just prior to Procurement receiving the requisition, the Office of Information Technology will be included in the workflow. This will help to improve our fiscal management for technology purchases and help support related activities.

20020920     PrePaid Comp Maint                         

30065954     Contr Svcs-Computer                      

50055610     Supplies-Data Proc                          

50057204     Tech Equip/Sft <$500                    

51015545     Comp Equ 500-4999                        

51020285     Aud/Vis Equ 500-4999                  

52660916     Cable Television                               

52710984     Rental-Computer                             

73710206     Computer Equ State

52725939     Maint- Computer

52730939     Maint-Software

52745208     Site Lic-Software

70035204     Netwrk Cabling State

70040206     Netwrk Elecrcl State

70115680     Audi/Vis Equ >5000

70130209     Comp.Printers >5000

70135209     Computer Equ >5000

Managed Print Program

In response to our strategic positioning effort we have been utilizing our business partnership with Prosource Imaging to provide a “Managed Print Program” that supply these services.   The program offers the following:


  • Program will provide maintenance/supplies for your current HP or LEXMARK printer or will supply a printer if one is needed.
    • If you are currently utilizing a printer other than HP or LEXMARK, the program will supply you with a replacement printer.
  • Program provides both B&W and Color printing capabilities
  • Program includes all maintenance (4 hour window for repairs)
  • Program provides all supplies (toner and paper)
  • Program provides for department to only pay for actual copies printed ($.05 B&W and $.15 Color)
  • Office of Business Operations bills for usage on a monthly basis via uploads
  • The only departmental responsibility is the printer must be networked to the university server
  • Managed Print Form can be found here

Please contact Carol Gibson Business Operations at X5575 or  for your request! 


Primary Promotional Item Vendor Selected

In an effort to cut costs associated with the purchase of promotional items and to ensure brand consistency, a University committee representing Admissions, Campus Recreation, University Housing, Alumni Programs, Athletics, Academic Affairs, Graduate Education, and Marketing and Communications was convened to examine our promotional vendor options and to review proposals for a promotional vendor contract. The committee has decided to award a primary vendor contract to American Business Solutions (ABS) and a secondary vendor contract to Reis Promotions (Reis). As a result, ABS will be the first point of contact for anyone on campus ordering promotional items. Reis will be a secondary contact, only to be used when items cannot be procured by ABS. In such instances, documentation will be required by Procurement Services explaining why items cannot be procured from ABS. All orders will be placed using the web portals from both companies, and the university P-Card program will be the only allowable method of payment for promotional items. “Promotional items” are items that are purchased to give out widely to students, prospective students, non-students, community members, etc., to bring general recognition to an NKU event, program, department, or the University itself. If it is unclear whether an item is a “promotional item” subject to our primary vendor contract with ABS, a determination will be made by Marketing and Communications, in collaboration with Procurement Services, on a case-by-case basis. We anticipate both companies will be on campus in October to demo their respective web portals, offer necessary training, etc. Details about these visits and web portals will be shared when they are available. You should begin using ABS as soon as these systems are implemented, so that you can become familiar with their portal and ordering process. In January, use of ABS as our primary vendor for promotional items will become mandatory.


Due to the renovation of Founder's Hall, we have a larger than normal inventory of desks, chairs, cabinets, and general office furniture in the surplus area.  Stop in during our business hours and take a look!  We can transfer any item directly to your department and most items are available for purchase and personal use.


Are you looking to make a new technology purchase (outside of the annual computer replacement process)? Procurement and IT have collaboratively developed a website to make purchasing computers and tablets easier. Our website provides a clear process to configure and purchase from a list of equipment that is supported by IT and purchased at negotiated price points providing the best value for NKU. For more information visit:

Please call Procurement Services at 572-5265 if you have any questions.


Audit, several recommendations were made to improve internal controls.  Some of these recommendations required us to make changes to the requisition release strategy process in SAP.  Procurement Services and Information Technology have been working for several months to improve the process and include the audit recommendations.ring our previous au

These changes will become effective on October 29, 2014.  In order to implement these changes, users will not be able to create requisitions on October 27 and 28, so please review your needs and plan ahead..


Requisitions will still be approved the same way as they are currently, however, there have been some changes to the dollar amount thresholds and new levels of approval required.  These changes are briefly summarized below (see chart for more complete information):

  • The threshold for release by the authorized person on the cost center will be lowered from $1,000.00 to $500.00.
  • Requisition lines from $500-$4,999.99 will require approval of the person on the fund center (typically a chair or director).
  • Requisition lines from $5000-$19,999.99 will also require approval of the person on the six digit node (typically a chair or director) and four digit node (typically a Dean, Associate Provost or Assistant Vice President).
  • Requisition lines from >=$20,000 will also require approval of the person on the two digit node (Vice President).
  • Line items using grant funds will still require approval of the PI and grant accounting but grant lines >= $20,000 will also require multiple levels of approval including the VP.  Grant requisitions will also need to use “L” in the account assignment category rather than “K” that is currently used.


  • Only the account assignment categories used by NKU will show in the drop-down
  • The account assignment categories maintain what account assignment information will need to be entered
  • Purchase requisitions on hold will no longer launch workflow
  • Instead of the “blocked” wording on the release tab, a more accurate “waiting for approval” wording is used
  • The “Can delivery date be met?” warning is gone
  • A place for rejection reason is provided
  • A rejection notification is provided to all approvers
  • A rejection task comes back to the initiator prompting them to either delete the rejected line or create a new line with the required changes.


Please check the myNKU Training Workshops site for session locations, dates, and times.

Please see the Quick Reference Guide for Release Strategy Updates