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SELF-SERVICE RESOURCES (Links for self-review and use)

  • Locating Available Funding Opportunities: Online resources including featured funding opportunities to consider, funding resource links – including the SPIN platform, and information regarding any upcoming small group/project team collaboration sessions
  • Quick Reference Information: Online resources for application reference information including institutional numbers and codes, congressional district, F&A rates, fringe benefit rates, minimal wage/salary levels for students and post-docs, travel links and NKU tuition schedule
  • PI Toolkit Resources: Online resources specific to NKU, National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Broader Impacts, and Data Management Plans
  • Policies, Procedures and Guidance: Most current regulatory and institutional guidelines

COMPLIANCE (Services and trainings available via RGC Compliance systems and staff)

PRE-AWARD SUPPORT (Services available via RGC Staff for review and development assistance on new external funding proposals)

  • External Review Services
  • Summary of Funding Announcement: Reviews sponsor guidelines and identify key requirements
  • Budget Development: Provides a full budget draft for PI review based on information/data provided
  • Budget Review: Conducts a review of presented draft budget and makes recommendations regarding needed modifications
  • Collaborate with Partner Institutions/Organizations: Initiates contact with administrative contacts with partners regarding collaborative submissions and/or subcontract requirements
  • Compliance Review of Proposal Documents: Assures all institutional policies and regulatory requirements are identified and ensures all administrative requirements have been met
  • Institutional Letters of Collaboration or Support: Provides any needed institutional or AOR letter
  • Other Pre-award Support inquiries to your assigned Grants Administrator or

CONTRACTS SUPPORT (Services provided by the RGC Grants & Contracts Officer at the time of funding notification and/or modification, including execution of any subcontracts or other agreements)

  • Initial Contract Negotiation & Review: Conducts review of contracts at time of award and communicates with external sponsor regarding any contractual modifications required regarding deliverables, terms and conditions, or other concerns
  • Issuance of Subaward Contract, Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) or Other Agreements Requiring Signature: Facilitates the review and processing of all administrative and/or contractual documents from external sponsors and external subcontractors
  • Creation of Grant Account: Collaborates with the Comptroller's office to create the grant account at the time of award and to get the account activated to incur expenditures.
  • Other Contract & Agreement inquiries to Mark Lackey at or

POST-AWARD SUPPORT (Services provided by RGC staff for sponsor-required notifications or actions regarding existing externally funded grants)

  • No Cost Extensions: Submits an official request for a project extension to the sponsor, as needed
  • Budget Modification/Revisions: Reviews and submits any budget modifications requiring sponsor approval
  • Change in Project Personnel: Provides information to the Sponsor regarding any change in project personnel
  • Submission of Project Report to Sponsor: Assists in the review and submission of required progress reports, final reports and closeout documents
  • Carry Forward of Unobligated Balance Requiring Sponsor Approval: Reviews and submits any carry-forward requests as required by the Sponsor
  • Award Relinquishment: Assists the PI in relinquishing an award should the PI be unable to carry out the scope of work as proposed and/or modified
  • Other Sponsor Requests: Serves as the institutional Authorized Official Representative (AOR) in responding to any requests received from the Sponsor
  • Inquiries for Post-Award Support, please complete and submit a Post-Award Services Request Form