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The IACUC ensures that all vertebrate animal research and related instructional activities are performed in a safe, ethical and legal manner as required by the National Institute of Health's Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW). The IACUC is supported by the NKU Office of Research, Grants, and Contracts. The IACUC is committed to overseeing an animal care and use program that provides a humane and compliant environment for animals and supports the research and teaching programs of our researchers, instructors, and students. Protocols describing animal use in detail must be submitted to and approved by the IACUC before animal use can begin.


The NKU IACUC is going digital!

The NKU IACUC will be making it easier than ever to submit your protocols for review and receive timely feedback from reviewers.

As of August 1st, all new applications, amendments, annual reports and study terminations will be submitted through Mentor IACUC. Click here for Policies and Procedures. 

Contact with any questions!

What does the IACUC Review?

University policy and federal law requires review and approval of proposed activities related to the human care and use of animals by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). 

IACUC approval must be obtained before initiating any research, testing or instructional projects involving the use of live vertebrate animals.

Before a person can touch, work with or have access to animal facilities, he/she must first be listed on an approved animal protocol or on an approved amended animal protocol.

When is IACUC approval

IACUC review and approval is required for:

  • Research projects involving vertebrate animals.
  • Wildlife projects involving vertebrate animals.
  • Classroom projects involving vertebrate animals.                
When is IACUC approval not required?

IACUC review and approval is not required for:

  • Pre-hatched chicken eggs.
  • Tissues obtained from an abattoir or market.
  • Tissues from another Investigator.
  • Invertebrates (e.g. insects, snails, nematodes).


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Reporting an Animal Welfare Concern 

Any individual who has concerns related to the welfare of animals at Northern Kentucky University is encouraged to contact the Office of Research, Grants and Contracts (859-572-5136) or Anita Southwick, Manager of Research Compliance (859-572-5168). Raising such concerns is a service to the University and does not, in itself, jeopardize employment. Northern Kentucky University and Animal Welfare Regulations prohibit retaliation of any kind against a person who, acting in good faith, reports a concern or a suspected violation of animal care and use regulations or standards. 

Click here to review NKU's procedures for reporting an animal welfare concern

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