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Beginning July 1, 2023 investigators will now only need to complete a single, one-time Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) disclosure each fiscal year that will apply to all proposals being submitted as opposed to a disclosure for each grant submitted. We anticipate this will significantly reduce the administrative burden for faculty and staff – and especially for those who submit several proposals per year.

If additional potential conflicts are identified within the year, investigators are required to submit an ad hoc disclosure within 30 days of discovering the potential conflict.

Click here to submit an annual or ad hoc disclosure: Visit Mentor COI


Financial Conflict of Interest Overview 

Northern Kentucky University’s (NKU) Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) policy protects the objectivity and integrity of the work of NKU and its researchers. A financial conflict of interest normally occurs when an employee or student (referred to as “Investigator” going forward) in a relationship with an outside person or organization is in a position to influence the NKU research or associated decisions in ways that could lead directly or indirectly to financial gain or improper advantage for the Investigator or the Investigator’s dependents. These decisions include but are not limited to collection, analysis and interpretation of data, methodology and accuracy of data sharing, hiring of staff, human subject or animal involvement and material purchases for research.

All investigators submitting grants or listed on a grant, through the Office of Research, Grants and Contracts are required to have an active annual Financial Conflicts of Interest/Foreign Interest disclosure on file and complete FCOI training.

The NKU’s Financial Conflict of Interest/Foreign Influence Disclosure form will serve one of two purposes for the Investigator:

  • To certify that they believe they have no financial conflicts of interest/foreign influence pertaining to a specific project.
  • To disclose any potential financial conflicts of interest/foreign interests that might occur with a specific project.



All personnel who either submit grants or are listed on a grant through the Office of Research, Grants & Contracts that meet the definition of "investigator" must complete the following requirements:


Disclosure and Training Timeline

The Principal Investigator will determine which personnel listed on a grant fit the definition of an Investigator. Both internal and external personnel can fit the definition of an Investigator.
FCOI Disclosure Table


Frequently Asked Questions