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Foreign Influence on Sponsored Projects Overview

National security agencies, federal granting agencies, the White House and members of Congress have all signaled their increasing concern about systematic programs of foreign interference and misappropriation of intellectual property at U.S. research universities. NKU encourages faculty and staff to ensure that their international collaborations and global engagement activities are both transparent and in full compliance with relevant policies and regulations.

Federal agencies have issued statements expressing growing concerns over the potential for foreign influence in the following areas:

  1. Failure by some researchers to disclose substantial contributions of resources from other organizations, including foreign governments; 
  2. Diversion of intellectual property to foreign entities;
  3. Sharing of confidential information by peer reviewers with others, including in some instances with foreign entities, or otherwise attempting to influence funding decisions.

Current Federal Foreign Influence and Foreign Interest Disclosure-related Statutes, Orders, and Guidance