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Deron Bartelson

"Pathfinders is not something to be reluctant of because it allows you to get your footing and figure out how things at college work and get a leg up on other students. Something to keep in mind is continue to work hard even through the tough times because you can accomplish anything if you want. Don't be afraid to be yourself, being yourself is the key to gaining success."

Deron Bartelson, Electronic Media and Broadcasting Major (Graduate), NKU Orientation Leader

Brandon Koors

"Pathfinders has helped me to use campus resources to my advantage and broaden my network with the help of professors, faculty/staff, and new friends. Doing both of these has helped me to achieve an elevated status at NKU."

Brandon Koors, Communication Studies Major (Graduate), Outstanding Freshman Nominee

Irakoze Dieudone

“My time here at NKU has been a true blessing. From being elected as a senator for the Student Government Association to being on the cabinet for Alpha Sigma Phi or even making the Dean’s list, I can't believe how far I have come. I came to NKU knowing that I would have to be a part of the Pathfinders Program. I thought this might set me apart from the "normal" student body. But what I thought was going to set me apart really paved my way to success. Pathfinders opened up doors and helped me to get where I am today!”

Irakoze Dieudone, International Studies Major (Graduate), Outstanding Norse Advising Student Award Nominee

Evelyn Marquez

"Pathfinders helped me be successful my freshman year through building great habits. Pathfinders keeps you focused and encourages you to continue doing your best throughout your courses! The program has many opportunities to help you grow as a student, such as workshops, peer advisors, study tables...take advantage of these useful sources!"

Evelyn Marquez, Integrative Studies Major, Outstanding Freshman Nominee

Rachel Ramsey

"I've made good relationships with my teachers and I'm able to talk to them whenever I need them. I'm so glad I made the choice to come to NKU because it has given me the best experience that I don't think any other school can beat."

Rachel Ramsey, Social Work Major (Graduate; Also earned Master's in Social Work degree at NKU), Outstanding Freshman Nominee

Christina Horner

"Pathfinders has showed me how important it is to spend time studying and doing homework for my classes. Study tables gave me time to do all of that, and I ended up receiving the best grades I've ever gotten!"

Christina Horner, Psychology major (Graduate), Outstanding Freshman Nominee