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The provisions of this policy apply when a student is retaking a course for grade replacement. Some degree programs may have their own specific requirements. A course retaken using this policy is noted as such on the student’s academic record; remains in the student’s attempted hour calculations; and is removed from the earned hour, quality point, and GPA calculations.

  1. A student may retake a maximum of six different courses during the undergraduate academic career. 
  2. A student may not attempt the same course more than three times (original attempt plus two retakes).
  3. When a course is retaken, the better of the grades will be counted toward GPA
  4. A student may not retake a course to replace a letter grade of A through F with a Pass/Fail (P/F) grade.
  5. Once a degree/certificate is awarded for a specific program, then all courses compiled within that awarded credential are not eligible for this retake policy.
  6. Courses that were earned as transfer credit are not eligible for this retake policy.
  7. Grades for discontinued or repeatable courses could be replaced if; (a) a new course covering the same content has been created to replace the discontinued course or (b) the student has received special permission from the chair/program director of the department/school or the dean of the college offering the alternative course. 

Policy exceptions:

For exceptions to provisions of this policy, the student must petition in writing the dean of the college in which the course is offered. The student must have the permission before enrolling in a retaken course.