The provisions of this policy apply when a student is retaking a course with the intention of improving the grade on the student’s transcript.

  1. Throughout their undergraduate careers, students are permitted no more than four opportunities to repeat courses for grade replacement.
    1. It is permissible to repeat an elective or required course (that is, a major, minor, or general education requirement or a course taken for general interest) exercising one of the student’s four repeat opportunities.
    2. A student may not repeat the same course more than three times (original attempt plus two repeats) without special permission from the dean of the college offering the course.
    3. If a student officially withdraws from a course taken under the repeat option, that course does not count toward the limit of four opportunities to repeat a course.
    4. A student may use a repeat option to take the CLEP subject examination instead of repeating a course in which he or she received a D or F provided that the student has the written approval of the dean of the college that houses the course.
    5. CAUTION: If a student receiving financial aid wishes to repeat a course more than once, the student should consult the Office of Student Financial Assistance to determine how this will affect his or her financial aid.
  2. When a course is repeated, the last grade - not necessarily the best grade - prevails. The original grade remains on the transcript but is removed from the GPA computation.

  3. If a student has used all four repeat opportunities and is required to retake a course in which a D or F was received to proceed with her or his academic program, both grades will remain on the permanent record. Both grades will be calculated into the GPA and for fulfilling major requirements. However, if the course is passed both times, only the initial passing grade is used to satisfy institutional semester hour requirements for a degree.

  4. The repeat option may not be used in certain circumstances, specifically:
    1. The repeat option may not be used to replace a letter grade of A through F with a P/F grade.
    2. The repeat option does not apply when a student repeats an independent study, directed research, special topics, or similar course in which the course content is significantly different each time the student enrolls.
    3. Because NKU transfers in credits but not grades, repeating an NKU course at another college or university will not impact the grade earned at NKU or the student’s GPA. However, a student who fails an NKU course - or fails to perform at the level required to progress in a program - is allowed to retake it elsewhere. If performance is satisfactory and the course otherwise qualifies for transfer to NKU, the student is allowed to use it to satisfy an NKU requirement.
    4. The repeat option cannot be invoked for any course previously passed on the student’s academic record at the time any degree was awarded by NKU. Similarly, if transfer work was included as part of the hours used for an AAS degree and D and F grades were included on the record, the transfer work will not be reevaluated to eliminate these grades in the computation of the GPA even if the student declares a new catalog.
    5. Discontinued courses cannot be repeated unless a new course covering the same content has been created to replace the discontinued course. Verification from the department chair is required before such a substitution is allowed. Under no circumstances is one course of different content allowed to substitute for another under the repeat policy.
  5. Policy exceptions:
    1. For exceptions to the limitation on three attempts of a single course, the student must have the permission of the dean of the college offering the course. Students must have this permission before enrolling again for the course.
    2. For exceptions to other provisions of this policy, the student must petition, in writing, the dean of the college where the student’s major is housed. The student must have the dean’s permission before enrolling in a repeated course that requires a policy exception.

If the student is eligible to repeat a course, based on the criteria listed above, an Option to Repeat Form may be filled out and submitted.