What exactly are seven-week courses?
Traditional semester classes are scheduled for a 16-week period. Seven-week courses (during either the first or second seven weeks of a semester) are offered in both the fall and spring semesters and are credit-bearing courses.
Why should an seven-week course be taken?

Seven-week courses offer many benefits:

  • More flexibility in scheduling throughout the semester, including online options;
  • Helping you stay on track towards graduation and with your scholarship hours (particularly for students who withdrew (W) from a course earlier in the semester); and
  • Align additional academic content into your current class schedule, such as practicums, co-ops, internships, and online courses.


What seven-week courses are available this semester?

You can search for seven-week courses by visiting http://classschedule.nku.edu/, using the drop-down under “Semester” and selecting “First” or “Second.” 

  • Spring 7-Weeks 1 begins January 13, 2020.
  • Spring 7-Weeks 2 begins March 16, 2020.
How do I enroll for seven-week courses?

Before enrolling in an seven-week course, we strongly recommend you talk with your advisor. Contact information for your advisor can be found by clicking your College below:

It is important to note that by taking additional credit hours during the second-seven week session, you may have additional tuition charges.

For more information, please login to myNKU, click on Biller Direct, and review your charges.