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Applying for Graduation


Step 1

Submit Application for Undergraduate Degree Candidacy- complete online via your myNKU account.  For step by step instructions see: Quick Reference: How to apply for Graduation.

Graduation Requirement Details

Graduation Checklist


Step 2

Submit Program Certification forms for each major, certificate, minor and/or focus to the Office of the Registrar, AC 301. 

  • The following Education programs do not require a Program Certification form: Elementary Education, Middle Grades Education, Physical Education-Teacher Certification, Early Childhood Education-Teacher Certification, Special Education.
    **Note: Secondary education majors need to meet with their content area advisor to submit a certification.
  • College of Business majors who have already certified do not need to do so again;
  • Graduate Students: Your graduate program director will submit your Program Certification directly to the Office of Graduate Education.

Forms are currently still available for undergraduate degree candidacy at: Undergraduate Degree


Step 3

Pay graduation fee (online via myNKU or in person in the Student Account Services Office, AC 235).

Step 4

Complete Senior Survey after receiving email notification from Office of Institutional Research. Information is available on the Senior Survey web page.

Application Deadlines and Graduation Fees

Fall semester graduation: Fee
First day of spring term through May 31st
June 1st throught August 31st $80
September 1st through September 30th $100
Spring semester graduation: Fee
First day of fall term through November 30th $50
December 1st through January 15th $80
January 16th through February 15th $100
Summer semester graduation: Fee
First day of spring term through April 30th $50
May 1st through May 31st $80
June 1st through June 30th $100

Undergraduate Graduation Checklist

  • Total Hours Earned Requirement 
    Associate Degree:  minimum 60 semester hours. GPA must be 2.0 or higher or as required by degree program
    Bachelor's Degree:  minimum 120 semester hours. GPA must be 2.0 or higher or as required by degree program
    Post-Baccalaureate:  minimum 30 semester hours beyond hours earned for previous degree(s)
  • Residency Requirements
    Associate Degree:  last 20 credit hours completed at NKU
    Bachelor's Degree:  last 30 credit hours completed at NKU and Minimum 25% of coursework completed at NKU
  • Upper Division Requirement
    Bachelor's Degree:  45 credit hours at 300 level or above
  • General Education Requirements*
  • Major Area of Study Requirements*
  • Secondary Area of Study Requirements - Minor and/or Focus*
    *As outlined in your governing catalog