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Notice: It is recommended that when placing orders that you choose Digital transcripts over Paper transcripts.

How to Order

Current students:

Former students (without access to myNKU):

When to Order


  • Transcript will be processed as soon as possible. To delay the transcript from being processed until your grades for the semester or degree is posted, please see the options below.

After Grades:

  • Transcript will be processed at the end of the semester after grades, honors and academic standing are applied. This may occur up to 2 weeks following the end of classes for the semester.

After Degree:

  • Transcript will be processed after degrees have been applied. This may occur up to 6 weeks following the end of classes for the semester.

Track Your Order

Current students:

  • Log onto the MyNKU portal, click on “Student” in the toolbar and select the “Official Transcript & Enrollment” options

Former students:
(without access to MyNKU)

Processing Options:

  • Standard: 1 to 2 business days
  • Note: Processing refers to the amount of time for a transcript to be processed in the Office of the University Registrar. Afterward, transcripts are shipped via U.S. Mail or held for pick up based on the delivery option chosen.

Pick-Up Options

Transcript Pick-up option:

  • If you have selected “Hold for Pick-up”, you will receive an e-mail notification when the order is ready for pick-up. You must present a valid photo identification when you come to NKU to pick-up your transcript.

Third-Party pick-up option:

  • Permission may be granted to a third-party to pick-up the official transcript. To authorize a third-party, please include their full name in the “Special Instructions” section of the order. The third-party individual must present a valid photo identification to pick-up the transcript.

Fees for Processing

Transcript fee: NKU charges a fee for each transcript:

  • Processing: $10.65
    (1-2 business days)

  • Electronic processing
    $1.00 additional per copy
  • Mail order transcripts are sent via U.S. mail

Payment Information

Accepted Method of Payment:

  • All official transcript requests will be processed through the National Student Clearinghouse and all major credit cards will be accepted for payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).

Additional Information


Transcript holds:

  • Transcript orders will be canceled for any student who has a Financial hold with NKU. The National Student Clearinghouse will notify you of this order cancelation via email. For example, a hold could reflect an outstanding debt owed to NKU.
  • You will need to place a new order once your Financial hold has been resolved.
  • Your credit card will not be charged if your order is canceled.

Holiday schedule:

  • Transcripts are not processed or mailed when NKU is closed. You may order your transcript, however it will not be processed or mailed until staff returns.

Order transcripts from Salmon P. Chase College of Law: