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This policy applies to any individual or organization not otherwise recognized as a Northern Kentucky University Operations and Maintenance, commercial establishment, educational/scientific laboratory or clinic that is involved with the use of open flame to accomplish work assignments and procedures.

The burning of candles, sparklers, incense, paper leaflets, combustible figurines, pyrotechnic device, or any other combustible material is prohibited on university property. Any fire caused by the unauthorized use of open flames will be considered arson.

There are exceptions to the policy, however they are not to be considered automatic or preapproved exemptions from compliance with this policy. They can be found on the NKU Policy website or by contacting the Center for Student Engagement. The department responsible for an event which includes an activity to which this policy applies shall request approval from Safety and

Environmental Compliance for an exception as defined above. The Department shall seek and must receive approval prior to each event for which the exception is required. An activity scheduled for several consecutive days or times shall be considered as one event, however an inspection may be required prior to each day or time of the event.

Please review the Open Flame Policy for more information.

Discrepancies between the policy summary listed on this site and the published policy will always defer to the official policy. The Center for Student Engagement is not responsible for changed, missing, or incorrect information listed on this site. It is the responsibility of the student(s) and organization to review and understand the published university policy.