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Your role at the University may require myNKU training.  You and your manager should work together to agree on a training plan that will meet your needs and the needs of the department.  To help guide you through the training planning process, training plans by role have been created to assist you.  The training plans include recommendations of Human Resources and IT; however, your manager will know the responsibilities of your role better than anyone.

Understanding myNKU functionality and SAP is a process that will require active learning engagement on your part.  Higher-level workshops are designed to build on prior knowledge learned through introductory workshops.




Canvas e-courses are available for most training, and are designed to facilitate use of the functionality through video tutorials and measure learning with quizzes.  The Canvas courses are also a great way to refresh your memory of functionality you do not use frequently.  If you would like to be added to a Canvas course, please email the IT Training Team.


Help and reference materials are available to provide additional support when you are accomplishing your daily tasks and need some extra help.  You are encouraged to become familiar with the help and reference Web site for future guidance.


Need Training?

We have combined our myNKU/SAP GUI online training courses into a Canvas class called myNKU TechKnow.

Users may self-enroll here: