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The NKU Slideshow component is used to display multiple images in the same location.

Drag the NKU Slideshow component to a drop zone, then click Edit on its toolbar to show the editor window.

Slideshow Edit Window Image

Once the editor is open, you can choose what type of slideshow you wish to use, then set advanced options from the second tab.

Image of empty slideshow on page
image of slideshow component with image inside

Once you've set your options for the slideshow, you will need to add images to it. The Slideshow component works as a container for image components.

To add images, drag and drop an NKU Image component into the pink Slideshow Images dropzone and edit them like you would any other image.

Once you have added all of your images, the Slideshow component will handle the display and cycling of the images based on the options you set.

Note: It is important to use pictures of equal size. The slideshow will adjust to fit the largest picture, but will not dynamically change size to fit smaller pictures, leaving extra white space on the page.