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Whether an emergency is weather related, workplace violence, or a fire, appropriate actions must be taken to ensure that administrative procedures are followed to protect the facility.

After a Workplace Injury or Illness:

If an individual is injured or becomes ill due to the workplace environment, follow these procedures:

  • Ensure that the individual has received appropriate medical care.
  • Notify the individual’s immediate supervisor of the injury/illness and the surrounding events.
  • Report the incident using the Accident Incident Report Form.
  • Ensure that Worker’s Compensation forms are completed documenting the injury or illness as soon as possible. Contact Human Resources at (859) 572-5200. If Human Resources is unavailable, or if it is after hours and it cannot wait, call 1-800-440-6285.

Damage to your Building:

If your building has received damage during an emergency, you should take the following actions:

  • Notify Operations and Maintenance at - (859) 572-5660 or (859) 572-5548 - of any facility repairs requiring immediate action.
  • Notify Safety and Emergency Management - (859) 572-6528 or (859) 572-6522 - of the damage and assist them in recording and documenting the damage.