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Authorized peaceful demonstrations are permitted on campus and should not be interrupted. Demonstrators should not be obstructed or provoked and efforts should be made to conduct University business as normally as possible.

In the event that a demonstration becomes disruptive, such as blocking of access to facilities:

  • Notify University Police (859-572-7777) or dial 911 (identify yourself as an NKU employee or student).

  • Do not attempt to remove demonstrators as this may provoke violence.

In the event that a demonstration becomes violent:

  • Notify University Police of the type of disturbance, its location and the number of people causing it.

  • Implement appropriate emergency procedures by moving students, visitors and employees to a safe location (as conditions permit) such as the inside of a building to protect against trauma or danger.

  • Maintain a calming influence over your group. Reassure students, visitors and employees that everything possible is being done to return the situation to a normal condition.

  • Keep clear of the area and avoid contact with demonstrators.

  • Let University Police know if you witness violence to persons or destruction of property.

  • Do not interfere with University Police while they are managing the situation.

  • Demonstrators may be subject to arrest.