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Tornado Watch

A tornado or severe storm watch is issued by the National Weather Service when severe weather conditions are possible in the area. Continue normal activities but also continue to monitor the situation.


Tornado Warning

A tornado or severe storm warning is issued by the National Weather Service when severe weather has been detected in the area.University Police will activate appropriate alert systems to notify the campus of tornado warnings affecting the campus.


If a dangerous storm is approaching the University, you should:

  • Immediately seek shelter inside. Do not go outside.
  • Move to an interior corridor or room. (see Tornado Shelter Areas)
  • Stay away from windows, outside doors, and large open areas (auditoriums, gymnasiums, theaters, atriums, etc.).
  • Once in an interior area, assume a sitting position and cover your head with your arms. Use a coat or some other cover to provide protection from debris.
  • If you are caught outside with no time to seek shelter in a building, lie flat face down in the nearest ground depression such as a ditch ravine. Do Not enter a storm drain or pipe, as flooding is possible.
  • If you are in a vehicle or trailer, leave the vehicle or trailer and seek shelter. Do Not attempt to out-drive the storm.
  • Once the storm has passed, assist others that may be injured and report injuries and damage to University Police at (859) 572-7777.
  • Immediately leave a badly damaged building and do not attempt to return to the building unless directed to do so by University Police or Facilities Management.
  • Do not attempt to turn utilities or building equipment on or off. Call Facilities Management for assistance at (859) 572-5660 or (859) 572-5548.

If you have been advised of adverse weather conditions, notify everyone in your area by word of mouth. Do not place yourself in danger.


University closing or delay information will be available through the following medias:

Should weather become severe after the college opens, impending closing announcements will be made through normal University communications.