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An evacuation of a building is used to move persons out of a building to avoid a potentially threatening situation. Once evacuated, a building is unusable until cleared for occupancy by first responders or other authorities

Upon the sounding of the fire alarm or notification by any NKU administrator or faculty/staff member, everyone will evacuate a building and proceed immediately, in a calm and orderly manner; to the agreed-upon designated collection location at least 300 feet away from the building (see Evacuation Collection Areas for suggested sites).

  • When evacuating a building leave quickly, but calmly, to the nearest exit or stairwell. Alert others to do the same. Do not use the elevator.
  • Do not take personal items and do not return to your area for personal items prior to evacuating.
  • Close doors behind you while exiting.
  • Do not run.
  • Do not go to restrooms.
  • If smoke is present, stay low. The best quality air is near the floor.
  • Develop your plan now and make sure everyone in your office/area is aware of how and when the plan will be implemented.
  • Report any missing persons and the location where last seen to University Police.
  • Do not return to an evacuated building until authorized to do so by University Police or fire department personnel.


Evacuation For The Mobility Impaired

If an individual with mobility impairment is on the second floor of a building or above, or in the basement, he or she may need assistance leaving the building during an emergency or during an elevator failure.

Ambulatory Individuals
Ambulatory individuals are those people with disabilities that require special assistance during an evacuation. Examples include people who are blind or deaf or whose mobility is restricted by the use of walkers or crutches. You should help these individuals by:

  • Guiding them to the stairwell of the building and waiting near the stairwell until it is clear.
  • Assisting them in walking down the stairwell and outside to the assembly area.

Non-Ambulatory Individuals
Non-ambulatory individuals are those people with disabilities that require the use of wheelchairs. You should assist these individuals by:

  • Call University Police at (859) 572-7777 or dial 911 (identify yourself as an NKU employee or student). Advise them of the situation and the location of the individual.
  • Moving the individual to the nearest stairwell and awaiting assistance.
  • If the hazard becomes life-threatening (i.e., the fire is getting close or the smoke becomes choking) move the individual into a room and close the door. Vacate the building and immediately tell the emergency responders (University Police or Fire Department) where the individual is located.