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Northern Kentucky University has eight types of communication it may use to disseminate information during an emergency. These methods of mass communication combined make up the Northern Kentucky University Alert System.

Keep in mind that each communication method has a different response time dependent on many factors. NKU will use the most appropriate method(s) of notification depending on the severity of the situation. The Outdoor/Indoor Warning System is used when immediate action by people on campus is necessary.

Redundancy of these methods will be used when necessary to ensure that as many people are notified as possible.


Norse Alert

Text/Phone Messaging System by Rave Mobile Safety

Norse Alert is designed to provide emergency notification via text message and voice message to alert students, faculty, and staff of an emergency at or adjacent to the University. Norse Alert is a simple and reliable means to send messages to many people via cellular phones (or other digital devices) and land-line phones. Norse Alert works on any cell phone and does not require hardware or software installation by the receiving party. Individuals that want to take advantage of this system must enroll via Norse Alert.


Public Address Warning System

Northern Kentucky University operates a network of indoor/outdoor warning systems that are activated by University Police or Safety and Emergency Management. These public address systems are located in the majority of buildings on campus as well as at five outdoor locations. Activation of these speakers is intended to give immediate real-time messages and actual emergency instructions to people on campus during an emergency.


Weather Radio

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service Weather Radio

NOAA Weather Radio is an "All Hazards" radio network, making it a single source for comprehensive weather and emergency information. In conjunction with Local Emergency Management and the National Weather Service, NWR broadcasts warnings and post-event information for all types of emergencies - including natural disasters, environmental emergencies, and public safety situations.


Bulk E-mail

E-mail to all NKU Addresses

A mass e-mail can be sent to everyone who has an e-mail account on the GroupWise system. This e-mail is initiated in the Office of Marketing & Communications and is accessible to any account holder whether they are accessing e-mail from campus or remotely.


Artemis Signs

Signs are strategically placed on I-275, I-75, I-71, and I-471 that can be used to provide a short digital message. These signs are owned and operated exclusively by Artemis under a contract with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. These signs are digitally controlled and have the ability to display 128 characters of text. NKU can request to use these signs during an emergency to direct drivers away from entering campus.



The Office of Marketing & Communications has prepared an optimized website with minimal graphics to provide information to the university community during emergencies. This site will be accessible from the NKU homepage ( during certain emergencies.


Social Media

The Office of Marketing & Communications oversees the university's official presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. During some emergencies, these social media tools will be utilized to provide information to those following NKU on the various platforms.



Press Conference

The Office of Marketing & Communications will provide information to the media via a formal media advisory or news release and respond to media inquiries. Once the activation of mass communication systems is initiated and the public becomes aware of a situation occurring at the University, the media will begin to inquire about the nature of the emergency. As time allows, a press conference may be scheduled for university leadership to talk to the media and answer questions.