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Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are a proven method of reducing morbidity and mortality from sudden cardiac arrest (heart attack). An AED is a device that attaches to a victim’s chest to assess the heart’s rhythm and, if needed, automatically recommends whether or not a shock be delivered to correct the heart’s rhythm. An adult who has just gone into sudden cardiac arrest is most likely in urgent need of defibrillation and a metered electrical charge can often restore the heart to healthy function and save a life. To provide a realistic chance of survival, defibrillation must be available soon after cardiac arrest.

The automated external defibrillator (AED) will enable University personnel or the public who are trained in CPR/AED to deliver early defibrillation to victims in the first critical moments after a sudden cardiac arrest. Responder’s use of the AED  should not replace the care provided by emergency medical service (EMS) providers but it is meant to
provide a lifesaving bridge during the first few critical minutes it takes for advanced life support providers to arrive. Upon arrival of the EMS providers, patient care should be transferred.

At Northern Kentucky University–Health, Counseling and Student Wellness,University Police, Campus Recreation, and Athletics each have stand-alone AED programs coordinated by their departments to ensure training, equipment, and compliance requirements are met.

Public access AEDs come under a campuswide Automated External Defibrillator Program managed under Safety and Emergency Management. A representative from Safety and Emergency Management acts as the AED coordinator for the University and inspects all units for compliance. Any department wishing to purchase an AED and become part of the University’s program should contact Safety and Emergency Management at (859) 572-6528 for additional information.

AED Locations:

Albright Health Center (HC) 1st Floor Elevator Lobby
Business Academic Center (BC) 1st Floor South Lobby (MEP Side)
Callahan Hall (CH) 1st Floor Main Lobby by Desk
Campbell Hall (CA) 2nd Floor Across from Central Stairwell
Campus Recreation Center Distribution Desk
Campus Recreation Center Pool Office
Campus Recreation Center Weight Area
Ceramics and Sculpture (CS) On Wall Near Main Entrance Facing Campbell Drive
Commonwealth Hall (CW) 1st Floor Main Lobby by Cardinal Wing
Fine Arts Center (FA) 3rd Floor Elevator Lobby Across from Elevator
Founders Hall (FH) 2nd Floor Plaza Entrance Near Steely Library
Griffin Hall (GH) 2nd Floor Inside South Entrance Vestibule
Health Innovation Center (HE) 2nd Floor Health Innovation Center Near Elevator
Landrum Academic Center (LA) 3rd Floor Lobby Across from Outtakes
Lucas Administrative Center (AC) 3rd Floor Elevator Lobby by Women's Restroom
Math, Education, and Psychology Center (MP) 2nd Floor Center Elevator Lobby Next to Stairwell
Natural Science Center (SC) 2nd Floor Elevator Lobby Across From Stairs
Norse Commons (NC) 1st Floor Main Lobby by Dining Cafe
Nunn Hall (NH) 2nd Floor Elevator Lobby Plaza Entrance
Regents Hall (RH) On Wall Near Lockers On Baseball Field Side
Soccer Stadium (SS) On Wall in Breezeway
Steely Library (SL) 3rd Floor Near Main Circulation Desk
Student Union (SU) 2nd Floor Near Main Lobby Near Elevators
Truist Arena (TR) Main Floor next to the Athletic Training Room (TR 126)
University Center (UC) 2nd Floor Elevator Lobby
Callahan Hall (CH) 1st Floor Main Lobby by Desk
Commonwealth Hall (CW) 1st Floor Main Lobby by Cardinal Wing
New Res Hall (NR)
1st Floor Main Lobby by Elevator
Norse Commons (NC) 1st Floor Main Lobby by Dining Cafe
University Suites (US) 2nd Floor Main Lobby
*Residence Hall locations require swipe access to enter the building.

AED, CPR, and First Aid Guidelines:

Look here soon for general guidelines for CPR, AED, and First Aid guidelines and refresher information.

AED/CPR Training:

CPR/AED training is available to faculty and staff and will be coordinated through Safety and Emergency Management with assistance by Wellness and Human Resources. Information for the training will be advertised through Midweek and posted on this and other websites.

Schedules and registration for upcoming CPR/AED training can be found on the Wellness website.

For additional information, or if you wish to schedule a class for student employees, contact Safety and Emergency Management at (859) 572-6528 or