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If you smell gas in the area do not turn on lights, use cell phones or any other electronic devices. Call university police at 911 or (859) 572-7777 to report.

Natural Gas Safety:

Facilities Management of Northern Kentucky University operates a “Master Meter” distribution system for natural gas. The underground system, consisting of over 1 mile of steel and polyethylene pipe, safely and reliably provides natural gas to the campus community for the generation of steam, heating water, cooking, and climate control.


Damage Prevention Awareness:

One of the common reasons for gas leaks is damage to the pipe from digging. It is the public’s responsibility to help prevent damage to natural gas pipes. NKU is a participating member in the Kentucky 811 System. University policy requires all individuals to call KY811 by dialing 811 or 1-800-752-6007 and obtain an Excavation Permit from Safety and Emergency Management office when engaging in any excavation that could affect underground utilities. The permit must be applied for three (3) days prior to any excavation activity in all facilities.

After location and marking of all of the underground utilities in the area a permit will be issued. The location of any gas lines, if present, along with any other underground utilities will be identified above ground. The above ground markings are a caution to whoever is digging that underground utilities exist in the area below. Newer polyethylene (plastic) gas lines are yellow to aid in identification.

An NKU Excavation Permit does not cover non-NKU utilities in the locations that other utility agencies have lines.