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Laboratory Training Requirements:

Are chemicals present? Laboratory Safety Overview and Hazardous Waste Management Annual
Are human materials used?
(i.e. blood, body fluids, or cell lines)
Bloodborne Pathogens Initial/Annual Retraining
Are biological agents used? General Biological Safety Initial/Retraining as Needed
Does the lab ship biological agents? Shipping and Transportation of Biological Materials Initial/Every Other Year
Are Select Biological Agents possessed, used, stored, or otherwise accessed? Select Agent Training- Contact the Office of Research Grants and Contracts Annual
Are animals (living or non-living) used? General Biological Safety in Animal Research Initial/Retraining as Needed
Are you working in a radioactive materials lab? Lab Radiation Safety
Non-User Lab Radiation Safety User
Initial/Retraining as Needed Annual
Are laser devices used? Laser Safety Initial/Retraining as Needed
Are x-ray devices used? X-ray Safety Initial/Retraining as Needed