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Helpful Resources


Access an interactive presentation about Sustainability. Target audience is for students in grades 6-8.

We also encourage using the journal follow-along with interactive resource page.

Watch Rumpke Recycling present about how to properly recycle, its recycling facility, and its history.

Watch 80 Acres Farm present about their indoor, hydroponic, pesticide-free farming facilities located in Cincinnati, OH.

Watch an interactive presentation and Q&A with Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub, a non-profit in Cincinnati providing a “one-stop” drop-off location for items that can be recycled or reused, but can't go into traditional recycling bins.

    Copies of the presentation slides available. 

Watch Zoom Cafe- Earth Day Edition. In this presentation, nationally acclaimed mussel biologist Dr. Monte McGregor explains the amazing mussel population of the Licking River. 

Watch Why Your Next Vehicle Should be Electric webinar with Gary Heaton, President of Drive Electric Cincinnati. 

     Copies of the presentation slides available.        

Other Resources