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What is alternative transportation?

Alternative transportation refers to commuting in other ways than driving alone. This can include biking, walking, carpooling, and taking public transportation.

Why is alternative transportation important?

Alternative transportation is important for many reasons. Aside from releasing much less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, by choosing alternative transportation you are able to reduce commuting costs and waste less time in traffic, all while reducing stress and improving your health. 

At NKU, approximately one-third of total emissions comes from single occupancy vehicles commuting to and from campus. That's a staggering amount! To help us reduce our carbon emissions from commuting, consider choosing one of the great alternative transportation methods listed below:

Bike Share

BIKE SHAREOn Earth Day 2016, NKU unveiled a brand new bike share program! Anyone on campus can borrow a bike for free for 2 hour increments; this service was made possible by NKU Business Operations and Auxiliary Services.

There are three hubs on campus that house all 50 bike share bikes. To rent a bike: create an account here and then follow the directions on the website. Additional directions can be found at each bike share hub and safety instructions can be found on each bike. 

Bike share hubs are at the following locations: 

  • Callahan Hall
  • Student Union
  • Norse Commons
TANK (Transit Area of Northern Kentucky) The Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) is NKU's regional bus service. Using your valid All Card, NKU faculty, staff, and students can ride any TANK bus for free at any time. Getting to and from school is made easy with TANK! Click here for more information about routes and schedules!