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NKU's Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

In 2007, former Northern Kentucky University President, Dr. James Votruba, committed NKU to carbon neutrality by 2050. In 2008, NKU published its first comprehensive sustainability plan. In 2017, an updated Sustainability Strategy was implemented. 

What does carbon neutrality mean?

Carbon neutrality is defined as having no net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This is achieved by minimizing GHG emissions as much as possible, and using carbon offsets or other measures to mitigate the remaining emissions.  

How will NKU achieve carbon neutrality?

Through the publishing of the 2017 Sustainability Strategy, NKU has taken a big step in its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. This plan categorizes NKU's sustainability priorities within the categories of academics, engagement, operations, and planning and administration. For a break down of these four categories, visit the AASHE STARS website, and to track NKU's carbon emissions, click here.