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Here are a few things NKU students and alumni are saying about Career Services:



"Throughout my undergraduate studies, I have attended countless resume workshops, networking events, and I have visited the Career Services Office during walk-in hours for last-minute resume help. I was fortunate enough to meet some of the staff from the office through their participation in leadership retreats at Northern Kentucky University. [My Career Advisor] advised me on how to enhance my resume. We continued to stay in contact through email, along the way she would help me make revisions to my resume as I was applying for an extremely competitive internship program through the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI). The resume was a part of the application process, but I'm also thankful for the career advice and the leadership training which the staff has provided through their involvement with the students at NKU. I am thankful for their help, which I credit with helping me land my dream internship with the CHCI as a Congressional Intern.  I would highly recommend for students to utilize the resources which the Career Services Office has to offer. Each semester they send out a list, in that list is a detailed sketch of all of the events which the office is hosting. Make sure to schedule some of those events into your planner. It does not matter what year you are in. The services provided may help you land an internship, a job, or enhance your network."

- Jose S.

Student Jose at CHCI Internship
Megan Frausto

“I can’t thank Career Services enough for the assistance they have given me!  I worked directly with Lisa and she answered every question I had about my resume.  When I walked in I was nervous, but she made me feel at home.  Prior to my meeting I had researched resume information.  However, there is a lot of conflicting advice about resumes on the Internet.  It was great to be able to ask questions from someone who speaks directly with HR departments, from multiple companies, in order to have up-to-date knowledge.  If you are a student and you have not used Career Services I would say do not walk, but run over if you are in need of career advice!  Norse Up!!”

-Megan F.


"I am very appreciative of the services I received from the career center.  I am a husband and a father who attended school and worked full time, so needless to say it was hard for me to really and truly do a job search.  I relied heavily on the Career Services online services to do much of my search. 

I am a non-traditional student who knew that I would need related experience before I would even be considered for a position in my field after graduation.  I found a company that intrigued me and was conducting interviews on campus for an internship following graduation.  Well, I signed up for the interview. 

I was called a week later and was invited to school for an interview.  A week following the initial interview, I was called and invited for an interview session at their corporate offices.  I interviewed for three different positions, and went on my way.  I was home no longer than an hour and received a phone call from the company.  It was one of the managers I interviewed with earlier in the day.  Basically, he offered me a position on his team as an intern for the summer.  I happily accepted!  I got into the summer and eventually started my internship. 

A few weeks into the internship I let it be known that if the opportunity arose I would love to interview for a full-time position.  A couple of weeks later I am invited to lunch with the Director of the BIS (Business Information Systems) department.  Come to find out this lunch was an interview!!  So we finish lunch, get back to the office and he tells me, 'You will hear back from me by the end of the week.'  Amazingly enough, a week later, I am offered a position on his team as Programmer Analyst.  I accepted!!!"

- David Dedden

david dedden


"I just wanted to say thank you for the resources you have provided for me. Not only are they free, but employers actually email me directly when positions are available and I meet the qualifications. Again, thank you for all opportunities at the click of a button!"

- Justin Jones


chryssy payne

"Next to my sociology advising office, Career Services has been the most helpful office on campus throughout my undergraduate career. From resume, cover letter, and thank you letter writing assistance to my co-op assistance, the office has done a phenomenal job showing me the steps on how to present myself to employers and professionals.

"The staff is dedicated to helping students excel beyond the classroom. In my experience I’ve sat down with staff who were willing to give me honest, constructive feedback on improving my application materials and also tips on how to make them stand out.

"While at NKU I attended a workshop about non-profit careers. The workshop examined all angles of having a career within a non-profit organization and provided me with useful pros and cons. The seminar helped me put many things into perspective and informed my decision to broaden my horizons in terms of choosing a career.

"As a recent graduate of NKU, I’ve used the tools they’ve provided with resume, cover letter, and thank you letter assistance and am now proud to say that these tools have helped me to earn a Human Resources internship with Kroger Company.  My advice to students or alumni is to consult with Career Services for assistance in preparing for an interview or business function, applying for jobs or going that extra mile with a Thank You letter, and when you do, expect not only constructive criticism, but encouraging words.  Thank you Career Services staff for your guidance and support."

- Chryssy Payne


"I graduated from NKU in May last year. I was in the Mathematics & Statistics Department and wasn't quite sure what I was going to do right after graduation. After some time off I started applying for different jobs because I had decided that I really wanted to get started in my career, whatever that may have been. So for about 5 months I was applying to different jobs and had countless interviews and tests only to get turned down at the final stages. I flew across states for interviews only to not get the position. As you know this can be really tough, but I kept at it. I hadn't used the Career Services website or job search engine at all and heard from a friend that I should check it out and give it a try. A little later that same friend referred me to a specific job on your website and I decided to apply. Two weeks after my first attempts at using Career Services and after 7 interviews and multiple tests, I got the job! I just wanted to say thank you for your resources and time because without it I wouldn't have found this position. Thank you very much! I hope you continue to help students/graduates be successful."

- JT Richmond

JT Richmond


Alyssa Woltermann

"By attending NKU career fairs my junior and senior years, I not only had a great networking experience, but I was also able to focus on what I wanted in a profession.  I attended my last Fair the fall of my senior year, which led to several interviews for post-grad, full time positions.  By the spring, I already had several job offers on the table.  It eased the stress of my last semester in college and allowed me a choice between competitive opportunities.  I started my full-time professional career the Monday after graduation, all thanks to a contact I had made at the NKU Career Fair."

- Alyssa Woltermann


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