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20 Years Ago, An Idea Was Planted, Nurtured and Grew

Back in 1999 when Northern Kentucky University began designing this program, student philanthropy was barely more than an idea. In the years since, the idea has proven its value to students and to the community.

This site celebrates the Fall 2020 semester and our 20th anniversary year. You’ll learn about the 12 classes that were part of our program during this very unusual semester. The pandemic forced our classroom to become virtual. We’d rather not call it “distance learning” because the philanthropy component brought our students closer together with each other and with our community.

Explore Our Classes and the Nonprofits They Funded

The hyperlinks on the left of this page each connect to one of Fall 2020 classes. Click and you will find a description of the class, information about the agency or agencies each class funding, and some reflections on the philanthropy experience.


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Our program webpage will give you a broader view of our classes and our approach.

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