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What is Service Learning?

NKU puts a high priority on learning that goes beyond textbooks and lectures. Service learning builds a bridge between classroom and community. 

A good way to think of service learning is to think of a project. Perhaps a local museum needs research for an exhibit. Meanwhile, a history professor wants to teach students how to research and write local history. Working as partners, the museum and the class produce the exhibit.

The classes are found across disciplines. An art education class might develop an arts curriculum for an elementary school. A public relations class might develop a campaign for a local nonprofit. A biology class might test for lead in urban gardens. A film class might back a short documentary that tells an agency’s story.

Always the test for a service learning project is whether a proposed project aligns with the learning outcomes of the class. Service learning is first and foremost an academic activity.

The Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement supports service learning at NKU. Two programs in the center are focused on service learning: Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project and Project Hope: The 505 Initiative.