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Spring 2021 Mayerson Student Philanthropy Program Classes

Course Number Course Name

ANT 325-001

Applied Anthropology

Jessica Lott

CMST 340-001

Strategies of Persuasion

Jeff Fox

ENG 101-001

College Writing

Jon Cullick

ENG 546-001

Grant Writing

Janel Bloch

ENV 493-001

Seminar: Environmental Science

Kristy Hopfensperger

HIS 607-001

Exhibits in museums and Historic Sites

Brian Hackett

HNR 102-011

Servant Leadership & Civic Engagement

Megan Downing

LAW 929-001

Family Law Lab

Amy Halbrook

LDR 385-001/002

Teamwork in Organizations

Megan Downing

NEU 101-001

Neuroscience for Life

Chris Curran

PAD 500-001

Foundations of Public Administration

Julie Olberding

PSY 685-001* 
Applied Research Study Capston Phil Moberg

SWK 405-002/003/004

SWK Practicum: Community Org

Reiko Ozaki

TAR 268-001

Theatrical Rendering

Ronnie Chamberlain

YWL KY 2020/21** Young Women Lead KY Online
Kimberly Clayton-Code

*This class is helping with program analysis; it is not awarding grants.

**This is a community conference for high school girls rather than a class.