The Newspaper Readership Program provides the NKU community with ready access to regional, national, and international journalism, as well as to speakers, webinars, and other resources that bring those who cover and edit the news to NKU’s campus. The Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement coordinates the program, which includes these components:

New York Times: NKU students, faculty, and staff can set up a New York Times online account for digital access to national and international news. Each account allows for free, continuous, unlimited access to Times content for 48 hours. Access can be renewed for additional 48-hour time periods. Faculty who use the Times in class may be eligible for additional access. Contact the Scripps Howard Center to learn more at

WCPO Insider: NKU students, faculty, and staff can set up a WCPO Insider online account for digital access to local news. Insider is a new model for providing in-depth local coverage via a digital platform that is, in many ways, like a traditional newspaper without the paper.

Newsstand: A limited number of free copies of the New York Times and USA Today are available in the Student Union near the Information Desk, Monday thru Friday.

Associated Press: This daily news from Kentucky and around the world by AP’s journalists is available for classroom use. Interested faculty can contact the Scripps Howard Center at to set up access. 

Classroom resources: New York Times in Education provides resources by discipline for using Times content in the classroom.

Annual AP Lecture: As part of the Six@Six Lecture series, a national journalist from the Associated Press visits the NKU campus each year for a public lecture as well as discussions with students.

News archives: Steely Library provides free digital access to local and national newspaper archives for NKU users.