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Crossing the $1M Threshold

Our Fall 2021 semester crossed a significant threshold!

Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project Fall 2021 Celebration

NKU Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project launched in the Fall 2000 semester. We had four classes that semester. We’ve grown! The Fall 2021 semester featured 17 classes. Together, the students in those classes invested $34,000 in 22 different nonprofits. The range of needs funded included emergency housing, a food pantry, a museum exhibit, special education, and after-school classes at community centers.

This semester also marked a significant threshold, as our program crossed the $1
million mark in money invested directly by students
over the past 21 years. An additional $1 million (a little more, actually) has been invested though our “indirect model.” Those are classes that advise a community or corporate foundation with its direct investments.

The numbers matter. Nonprofits put the money to work for the community. But what also matters is that student philanthropy is a powerful way to teach. Our students learn about community needs as they also learn course content. Students leave a “Mayerson” class more prepared to finish college, more prepare to graduate and go to work, and more prepared to give back to their community. Those a research-proven results.

We invite you to click on the class stories you find on this page to learn more about each one. All while you are reading, take note of our sponsors – whose generosity make these classes possible.

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