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To: Faculty, Staff, and Students
Dear Campus Community:From: President Ashish Vaidya
Date: 10/27/21
Subject: Grateful for the Opportunity to Lead our University

Dear Campus Community:

As Chair Andrá Ward shared earlier this month, the Board of Regents unanimously voted to renew my contract to serve as your President through 2027. I appreciate the Board’s vote of confidence and am eager to continue to lead this wonderful university.

I was drawn to NKU for its legacy of stewardship and a commitment to a mission of access and opportunity. Over the past three and half years, our campus community has continued to impress and inspire me. I am in awe of and deeply grateful for the excellent work of the faculty and staff during the most challenging time in our young history. Despite the pandemic, we have accomplished a great deal during this time, thanks to your unwavering focus on serving students. Even before COVID, our campus community was ready to respond anytime there was a need. Whether it was to take an active role in shaping our strategic framework, to sharing your honest feedback in the pension forums, our students, faculty and staff responded. As we look ahead to NKU’s future, your engagement is needed now more than ever.

With Success by Design, we have a powerful and meaningful vision, a culture of innovation and agility, and an amazing faculty and staff dedicated to transforming the lives of our students and making a difference in the region. We all play a part to support our students’ academic dreams, and I appreciate what you do each day. In the words of Former President John F. Kennedy, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

Nita and I are thankful for the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati region that has welcomed and supported us over the past three and half years. NKU continues to deliver on the hopes and aspirations of this region as we contribute to its economic, civic, and social vitality through our graduates. I look forward to an even brighter future together.

Ashish Vaidya