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Purpose of GZB Training

All Faculty and Staff are encouraged to attend an upcoming “Green Zone” training program that empowers participants to aid military affiliated students.  Becoming a member of the Green Zone Brigade says you have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the military, veteran and dependent experience as well as developing tools to better serve these students toward their goals.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of military terminology and experience, learn about the military-connected population, understanding about the transition process from the military to campus and identify campus and community resources that are champions in the students success.  In addition, each trained member will be listed on the Green Zone Brigade resource page, a certificate of training and a magnet to proudly display to show their commitment to lend a sympathetic ear and help the student identify and connect with appropriate resources.

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Comments from previous attendees: 

“very informative and brought a much better understanding of the needs of veterans and military affiliate students”   

- Dr. Dirk Grupe, Associate Professor and Chair


“Thank you so much for the awesome session yesterday! My dad served in the Navy, and I never even thought about his transition back to school. Your training was very eye opening and helpful to know the right questions to ask." 

- Kayla Robles, Advisor/Lecturer


"The Green Zone Brigade training equips the campus community with the information and tools that will help our military affiliated students succeed at NKU. I really appreciate the growing network of colleagues who are part of the GZB and who I can consult as appropriate to serve our students." 

- Peg Adams, M.ED Director, University Connect and Persist (UCAP) 


"After attending the Green Zone Brigade training, I have a better understanding of military-affiliated students.  The more I understand, the better advisor I will be.  I appreciate Rusty's expertise, energy, and advocacy."  

-Mike Ruwe, English Department Advisor


See all the currently trained GZB Faculty & Staff below.

It is highly recommended to watch both videos prior to attending GZB training.

List of Trained Green Zone Brigade Members

Acosta, Charles - Faculty, Professor Biological Sciences


Adams, Michele - Asst. Dir. of Honors Adm., Comm. & Tech. Honors College


Adams, Peg - Director, U-CAP Univ Connect & Persist


Ahrens, Kristi - Academic Advisors CHHS Advising Center


Allen, Peggy - Specialist Graduate Education


Alston, Bob - Dean of Students, Student Conduct, Rights, Advocacy


Andrews, Amanda - Coordinator, First Yr Student Engagement AV Provost Advising & First Yr Experience


Bartlett, Robin - Faculty, Associate Professor Psychological Science


Baker, Michelle - Program Manager, Prg Dvlpmt  &  Assessment Kentucky Campus Compact


Barron, Marquita - Director of Training & Development Human Resources


Benton, Chelsea - Assistant Director of Comms & Technology Admissions


Bergman, Johnny - Director Upward Bound


Biggs, Chelsey - Health, Counseling, and Student Wellness


Blackburn, Christy - Specialist, Admn & Billing Operations Health, Counseling & Student Wellness


Boblitt-Johnson, Jennifer - Academic Advisor CHHS Advising Center 


Breeze, Beverly - Coordinator, Academic Support/Special Projects Academic Affairs


Brown, Jennifer - Mgr of Admin, Events, & Special Projects College of Education


Bryant-Lees, Kinsey - Faculty, Assistant Professor Psychological Science


Bliven, Nick - Fuel NKU Program Coordinator, Lecturer Fuel NKU


Bosch, Rachel - Faculty, Lecturer Physics, Geology & Engineering Technology


Brooks, Sheena - Director, Graduate Programs


Brossart, Renee - Sr. Administrator, Grants & Contracts Research, Grants & Contracts


Brummer, Nicholas - Faculty, Assistant Professor of Practice Communication


Bowling, Bethany - Senior Associate Dean, Professor College of Arts & Sciences


Bowling, Christopher - IT Client Support Specialist I, IT - Infrastructure and Operations Group


Bukas, Chris - Faculty, Lecturer Center for Student Excellence


Burke, Anthony - Faculty, Lecturer Business Informatics


Calvert, Constance - Faculty


Canqioni, Carole - Faculty, Associate Professor Department of Management


Carter, Denzil - Assistant Registrar, Service Office of the University Registrar


Castle, Clayton - Specialist, Communications University Marketing & Communications


Chandler, Joshua - Coordinator, Service Office of the University Registrar


Chesnut, Mary - Professor of Library Education/Teaching & Learning Librarian, Steely Library


Clark-Rankin, Courtney - Senior Technology Support Specialist IT - Infrastructure and Operations Group


Combs, Angela - Faculty, Lecturer Center for Student Excellence


Conwell, Sara - Assistant Director, ALPS Adult Learner Programs & Services


Cucchiara, Sherry - Director of Grant County Center Grant County Center


Curtis, Tina - Advisor Informatics Advising Center


Daniels, Charlisa - Faculty, Associate Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry


Daniel, Tinley - Academic Advisor CHHS Advising Center


Danzo, Amy - Director,Testing Srvs  & Adult Learner Prg Testing Services


Dorriere, Kyle - Operations Coordinator, KyCC Kentucky Campus Compact


Drouillard, Caitlin - Coordinator, UCAP, Enrollment & Degree Management


Drummond, Suzanne - Officer, Grants & Contracts, Research, Grants & Contracts


Dvornak, Mark - Academic Advisor - FY Students First Year Student Success Hub


Eagles, Kevin - Part-time Faculty History & Geography


Emmett, Amy - Administrative Assistant II Facilities Management


Engel, Stuart - Senior Administrator, Grants & Contracts


Esche, Samantha - Academic Advisor College of Education Advising Center


Fennell, Scott - Director, Center for Environmental Restoration


Ferguson, Jessica - Faculty, Senior Lecturer Center for Student Excellence


Floyd, Rhea - Faculty, Lecturer PolitScience/Criminal Justice/OrgLdrship


Foltz, DyaneAssistant Director of Advising, Lecturer CHHS Advising Center


Froude, Bill - Director Career Services


Andrea Gazzaniga - Chair, Professor English


Gebka, Sydney - First Year Career Advisor Career Services


Giesbers, Heleen - Faculty, Lecturer Biological Sciences


Ginn, Cayley - Advisor Transfer Students Adult & Transfer Center


Gish, Missy - Master of Public Adminitration (MPA) Coordinator


Goldfarb, Shelly - Academic Advisor CHHS Advising Center


Graf, Allyson - Faculty, Assistant Professor Psychological Science


Greenwood, Jennifer - Specialist Student Financial Assistance


Grupe, Dirk - Chair Physics,Geology & Engineering Technology

Champion of Success Award Winner - Faculty 2022


Harris, Shanda - Faculty, Part-Time Faculty Marketing,Sports Business & Const Mgt


Hannig, Ali - Specialist, Planning,Design, & Construction


Helm, Brandon - Manager, Stream Restoration Center for Environmental Restoration


Herald, John - Custodian Building Services 1st Shift


Hilleke, Gayle - Executive Director Kentucky Campus Compact


Holloman, Craig - Director, Research, Grants & Contracts


Hopfensperger, Kristy - Faculty, Professor Biological Sciences


Horner, Jeanine - Campus Health Nurse Health, Counseling & Student Wellness


Human, J - Faculty, Lecturer Accounting & Business Law


Hunt, Staci - Asst Dir of Retention & Student Success CHHS Advising Center


Irvin, Mike Coordinator of Student Support & Technology


Johnson, Claudia - Academic Specialist Teacher Preparation & Educational Studies


Justice, Heath - Manager, Research Development (RGC) Research, Grants & Contracts



Kappesser, Patricia - Faculty, Lecturer II Biological Sciences


Kay, Michele - Campus Health Nurse Health, Counseling & Student Wellness


Kilmer, Amanda - Faculty, Lecturer II PolitScience/Criminal Justice/OrgLdrship


Kim, Suk-hee - Faculty, Associate Professor Social Work Graduate Studies

Champion of Success Award Winner - Faculty 2021


Klatzke, Stephanie - Associate Dean, Associate Professor College of Informatics


Knight, Christina - Academic Coordinator Psychological Science


Kuwahara, Yasue - Faculty, Professor Communication


Lambert, Jeannine - Assistant Director of Advancement (CCoL) Chase - Student Affairs


Lambert-South, Andrea - Faculty, Professor Communication


Langley, Samantha - Vice Provost-Grad Ed, Research, Outreach


Lawrence, Christopher - Faculty, Associate Professor Counseling


Lawson-Baker, Rachel - Academic Advisor, CHHS Advising Center


Ledford, Hannah - Faculty Advisor, Lecturer CHHS Advising Center


Lemenager, Cheryl - Coordinator, CRC Business Operations Campus Recreation


Lenzi, Samuel - Asso Dir, Clinical Coord. & LGBTQA Itv Health,Counseling & Student Wellness


Long, Paige - Academic Advisor, CHHS Advising Center


Massey, Kendra - Director, Norse Violence Prevention Center


Massie, Elizabeth - Admissions Counselor Graduate Education


Mayse, Tiffany - Director of Student Wellness


McCoy Kimberly - Advisor, Adult Learner Programs & Services


McDonald, Danielle - Faculty, Professor PolitScience/Criminal Justice/OrgLdrship


McElfresh, Lisa - Assistant Director of Career Services Career Services


Melish, Michelle - Associate Director of Education Abroad Education Abroad


Messer, Hope - Specialist, Financial Aid Processing Student Financial Assistance


Mester, Joseph - Faculty, Associate Professor Biological Sciences


Moon, Melissa - Faculty, Associate Professor Politiscience/Criminal Justice/Org Ldrship


Moore, Brooke - Specialist, Office Support Health, Counseling & Student Wellness


Neddermann, Peg - Admissions Counselor Admissions


Neikirk, Mark - Executive Director, Civic Engagement & Nonprof Capacity Bldg


Nerbonne, Erica - Writing Center Coordinator Learning Plus


Nichols, Bridget - Faculty, Professor Marketing,Sports Business & Const Mgt,


Parker, Allison - Faculty, Assistant Professor Biological Sciences


Racke, Amy - Assistant Dean & Director of Advising, Lecturer II College of Arts & Sciences


Rasmussen, Guthrie - Enrollment Coordinator Vice Provost Grad Ed, Research & Outreach


Reid, LaNighta - Associate Director Univ Connect & Persist


Reilly, Shauna - Faculty, Professor Political Science/Criminal Justice/Org Leadership


Resnick, Philip - Part-time Faculty Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy


Richmond, Jennifer - Coordinator Career Services


Riddlespriger, Jasmine - Academic Advising CHHS Advising Center


Rieskamp, Kelli - Coordinator, CINSAM Ctr Integrative Nat Science & Math


Robinson, Frank - Director, First Year Student Hub First Year Student Success Hub


Robles, Kayla - Faculty Advisor Center for Student Excellence


Russell, Betty - Faculty, Lecturer Chemistry and Biochemistry


Russell, KC - Chair, Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry


Ruwe, Mike - Advisor, Undergraduate Programs English


Ryan-Perry, Siobhan - Counselor Health, Counseling & Student Wellness


Sanders, Sydney - Supervisor Parking Services


Schaefer, Matthew - Asst Athletic Director for Comm. & Media Athletics Communication


Schmidt, Meghan - Asst Director of Recruitment & Retention Informatics Advising Center


Seta, Paula - College Business Officer Chase College of Law


Share, Felicia - Program Coordinator, Community Engagement, Civic Engagement & Nonprof Capacity Bldg


Shearer, Kimberly - Academic Advisor - FY Students First Year Student Success Hub


Shifley, Emily - Faculty, Associate Professor Biological Sciences


Shirkey, Hannah - Assoicate Director Office of Admissions


Siemer, Ashley - Director, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Chase College of Law


Sinclair, Javance - Director, Student Conduct & Care Office Student Conduct, Rights & Advocacy


Smart, Jasmine - Administrative Specialist First-Year Success Hub & Career Services


Smith, Amirah - Specialist Student Financial Assistance


Smith, Terri - Lead Custodian Building Services 2nd Shift


Songer, Stephanie - Assoc Director, Online & Prof. Education Vice Provost Grad Ed, Research & Outreach


Southwick, Anita - Manager, Research Compliance


Spataro, Sandra - Faculty, Professor Department of Management


Sterrett, Amy - Administrative Specialist First Year Student Success Hub


Stephens, Jennifer - Coordinator, University Connect and Persist (UCAP)


Stejbach, Sayre - Specialist, Stream Restoration Center for Environmental Restoration


Strome, Erin - Chair, Professor Biological Sciences


Stuntz, Lou - Academic Coordinator History & Geography


Tambling, Chris - Asst Director Student Union & Programming


Taylor, Evriel Joy - Custodian Building Services 1st Shift


Tempel, Rose - Director of Health Services Health, Counseling & Student Wellness


Turner, Danielle - Administrative Secretary Civic Engagement & Nonprof Capacity Bldg


Thiemann, Rodney - Project Manager - Plan, Design & Constr Planning, Design, & Construction


Thompson, Kara - Assistant Director, Advising (COI) Informatics Advising Center


Thompson, James - Specialist, Stream Restoration Center for Environmental Restoration


Vonderhaar, Doughlas - Budget Coordinator, Kentucky Campus Compact


Von Handorf, Rosanne - Secretary AV Provost Advising & First Yr Experience


Warner, Hawkins - Manager, Stream Restoration Construction Center for Environmental Restoration


Williams, Diane Director/Faculty, Lecturer Learning PLUS


Wiley, Kimberly - Assistant to the Vice Provost Vice Provost Grad Ed, Research & Outreach


Zacate, Matthew - Faculty, Professor Physics,Geology & Engineering Technology


Zai, Robert - Graduate Teaching and Learning Librarian, Associate Professor Steely Library


Zelensky, Gregory - Sergeant University Police - Field Operations