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Share your story & secrets to success!

Military Affiliate (MA) and Veteran Alumni please share your stories and provide your success tips.  The VRS will share them with our current and future students to ensure they have the same success in transition, career and life! 

We know IAW that 76% of transitioning military say their transition out of the service were “stressful.”  Having an office like the VRS, and your tips and success stories will aid our transiting service members into the Norse Nation.

Share Your Story

We all changed in some way by being involved and seeing the things we saw, we all love our country and we all had a bond with our fellow marines, soldiers, sailors, coasties, airmen, and guardians that generated a true brotherhood/sisterhood of love that you only get by being in the muck, the jungle, the sand, and/or the ocean together, seeing and experiencing things together and understanding the calling of defending freedom together – no, none of this ever changes through all ages, all generations and all eras.” - Rusty Mardis, VRS Coordinator 

It is imperative to showcase your success stories to give new, current, and future students the motivation and drive to reach their goals.   


Isa Abdul-Noor III, USMC