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The Veterans Resource Station (VRS) at Northern Kentucky University aids and supports our veteran and military-affiliated students to ensure their academic success and easy transition back into civilian life. Your gift will directly impact these students by positively influencing their educational success, the prosperity of their families and the vitality of our regional community. 


Contrary to popular belief, not all veterans and service members receive full tuition coverage and often pay the difference out of pocket. You can help student-veterans advance their education and earn their degrees by setting up a scholarship. Strengthen the impact of your gift so it may live on in perpetuity by establishing an endowed scholarship. You can establish this endowment dedicated to veterans and military-affiliated students with a gift of $25,000 or more. Or consider other opportunities to establish a scholarship. 

Moonbeam Fund

 Funding to maintain appropriate support systems enables our student veterans to overcome the challenges of what can otherwise be a frustrating transition process. The Moonbeam Fund is dedicated to providing these students with financial assistance when they need it to resolve life’s immediate challenges. These brave and ambitious students deserve our help, ensuring they are prepared for excellence in their future careers. 

Programming and Transition Services

 Transitioning to life on a college campus can be difficult for many veterans. When you give to the VRS, you are providing resources to the At-Ease Lounge, a space where student-veterans can study, seek guidance from our staff and feel relaxed. You are also funding programming dedicated to building camaraderie, honoring their service and educational achievements, and connecting them with available benefits and assistance. 
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Your Gift Will Empower Student Veteran Resilience
According to a press release published by the American Psychological Association, researchers from the University of Utah with the National Center for Veterans’ Studies gathered survey results that indicate a high risk of suicide among war veterans in college.
5 rows of 10 person icons, with 46% of them highlighted.
46% respondents reported suicidal thinking*

* “Student Veterans: A National Survey Exploring Psychological Symptoms and Suicide Risk,” M. David Rudd, PhD, National Center for Veterans Studies, University of Utah. Co-authors Jeffrey Goulding, University of Utah; Craig Bryan, PsyD, University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio.

5 rows of 10 person-icons, with 76% highlighted.
76% of Veterans indicate their transition was stressful **

** ”Transition Advice from the Experts, Lessons from Veterans and Military Spouses Already Working in the Civilian Workforce.”

According to a survey conducted by America’s Warrior Partnership, on average, a veteran’s sense of well-being has proven to increase to 79% after three months of meaningful engagement and support from a community organization.
Pie chart with 20% of the chart highlighted.
20.6% of respondents reported an improved sense of well-being in 0-3 Months***
Pie chart with 79% of the chart highlighted.
79.4% of respondents reported an improved sense of well-being in 3+ Months***

*** “2020 Community Integration Annual Survey.” America’s Warrior Partnership, 2020. 

Audrey Rowland

“I am in the Kentucky National Guard and proud to be a student at NKU. I am very thankful for the Veterans Resource Station in helping me find the best available benefits for me to be successful.” 

- Audrey Rowland

“The VRS program is a relieving benefit assisting veterans and families of veterans alike with the opportunity to obtain dreams that go beyond the uniform of honor and integrity. My husband is a retired U.S. Navy Veteran, and his sacrifices have offered me a chance at an education. Thank you, Veteran Resources Station, you are a relief to not only NKU but to me as a retiree’s wife.” - Faith Greer