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Woman using laptop with AEM showing on the screen

Deactivate Before You Delete

Did you know that you should be deactivate content in AEM before deleting them?

Yes, it's true! The content (even though deleted from AEM) could still be visible on Google Search or on cached versions of the site for a while.

In the event that you no longer need a web page, we recommend that you use the Deactivate Page option rather than the Delete Page option. Pages cannot be recovered once they are deleted.

However, if you are sure that you would like to delete a page, deactivate first before deleting. It's important to deactivate pages and PDFs from the AEM system before you select to delete.

How to Deactivate:

If you are working in the Site Admin view, simply select the content and click Deactivate at the top before deleting.

Screenshot showing the interface in Adobe Experience Manager and how to select the content and menu items to deactivate.
Or, if you currently have the page for editing, click the Page tab in your AEM editor window and click Deactivate Page:
Screenshot showing Adobe Experience Manager toolbar and how to select the content and menu items to deactivate.
When you click Deactivate Page, will be asked to confirm.
AEM prompt asking for confirmation of deactivation.