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The BI-IP unit reallocation planning layout for Deans, Chairs, Directors, and Unit Administrators is available once a year for University fiscal budget planning.  Through the Budget Planning tab, administrators are able to reallocate dollars among the commitment items in pooled operating budgets, to more accurately align with their unit's fiscal needs.

+ Annual Budget Planning Reallocation:  Instructions


Pooled Operating Commitment Item Budget Alignment Process:

+ The staff of the Budget Office and the staff of Financial and Operational Auditing recommend Unit Administrators realign the budget of the current commitment items to the amount that you project to expense to each commitment item for FY 2014-2015. There is no change in the function of the operating pool commitment items; a commitment item with no budget can still be used to charge actual expenses and will still pool at the Operating Pool level. (You are not required to make these changes.)


+ This process will help Budget Administrators manage the Operating Pool expense account by individual Commitment Item (Office Supplies, Printing, etc.).


+ The process in BIIP for moving budgeted funds between Commitment Items within a Fund Center within the Pooled Operating group of Commitment Items is not mandatory.


+ The myNKU R/3 Financial system (live accounting system) budget-checks all Pooled Operating Commitment Items at the 550000 Pooled Operating level.


+ Budget Administrators can still spend out of any Commitment Item regardless of budget in that Commitment Item.


+ The Budget Administrator need only stay within the limit of the total pool of operating funds in the 550000 Pooled Operating line. (I.e. the 550000 Pooled Operating line should never go into credit balance status any time during the year)