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The Manager Self-Service (MSS) tab contains a left navigation pane with two content areas through which managers and their administrative or academic staff access the tab's various functions for employees within their organizational unit.  Click the functions noted to view the details and related resources for each process.


The Detailed Navigation pane of the Manager Self Service tab defaults to the Team view, with an overview of Employee-Related Processes initiated by the user in the main section of the window.

+ Employee-Related Processes: Instructions  Video Tutorial




The Services content area comprises three sections:


Employee Information allows managers to view and update various information for the employees on their teams.

General Information provides the ability to view various information about the employees in a manager's unit and make some changes, including:

+ Change Office/Communication Data & Edit Addresses:  Instructions
+ Record Working Time for Employees:  Instructions 

Compensation Information provides the ability to view the base salaries of employees in a manager's unit.

+ Instructions


Employee Working Times


Employee Working Times under Manager Self-Service allows time administrators to review information about employee time entry and release time and absence entries to the payroll office.

Time Management/Entry: Overview

+ Record Employee Time: Instructions

Time Administrator Reports allow time admins to view time recorded, missing time, sick/vacation quota amounts, and monthly employee time/absence certifications. Best practices and instructions for each report, as well as details for exporting and printing, are found below:

+ Time Reports: Best Practices

Display Working Times - view time recorded by employees, account assignment, approver, and approval status.

+ Instructions / Video Tutorial

Display Missing Time - view time which has not been recorded for biweekly student and staff employees.

+ Instructions / Video Tutorial

Display Quota Information - view sick and vacation time accruals for employees.

+ Instructions / Video Tutorial

Display Monthly Certifications - view absences and time certifications for monthly staff and fiscal year faculty employees.

+ Instructions / Video Tutorial

Approve Time Sheet allows the time administrator to indicate time approval and release time entries to the payroll office.
+ Instructions / Video Tutorial


HCM Processes and Forms


HCM Processes and Forms allows managers and time administrators to create and query information about HR forms.

Start Process for Employee provides the ability to initiate Personnel Action Requests (PARs) for employees:

Overview Instructions  Checklist

+ Create Status Change PAR: Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Create Supplemental Pay PAR: Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Create Part Time Faculty PAR: Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Create Separation/Retirement PAR: Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Save and Work with Drafts: Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Correct PAR Sent Back to Author: Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ PAR Listing Report (GUI): Instructions
+ Labor Distribution Report (BW) Instructions
+ Position Budget Control (PBC) Payments Report (BW) Instructions

Search Employee Processes provides the ability to search for PARs already initiated based on specific criteria.

+ Search Employee Processes:  Instructions  Video Tutorial




Managers with appropriate authorization will also see the Planning link in their Detailed Navigation pane.  This link provides the ability to view the additional Services which are part of the Enterprise Compensation Management (ECM) process.

ECM Overview


Compensation Planning

Budgeting is used by Vice Presidents and Deans prior to the Plan Compensation process to distribute available salary increase dollars to their subordinate units.

Plan Compensation is used by unit-level managers to allocate salary increases to employees.

+ Compensation Planning:  Instructions

Review/Approve Planning is used by approving managers at the VP, AVP and Dean levels to review and confirm increases entered at subordinate levels.

+ Review/Approve Planning:  Instructions

Salary Letter Notifications

+ Print Salary Notifications:  Instructions