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The Academic Advising tab contains a left navigation pane and two content areas through which faculty and staff access the tab's various functions.  Reference documentation is provided if currently available, and additional resources will be developed for those functions currently lacking them.

The Academic Advising overview document provides information about the basic functions and views available on this tab, and a Frequently Asked Questions document covers the most commonly asked questions about working with functions in Academic Advising.  Functions marked with a (*) require additional security access beyond the basic advisor roles.

Services heading

Links in the navigation pane lead directly to the functions under the Services heading, listed below:


Search Transfer Agreement - Search for course equivalents based transfer agreements in place between NKU and other schools.  Due to the large volume of external work possible, this application may time out for searches based on courses which are very widely available.

Simulate Equivalency Determination - Enter course work from another school and determine what NKU courses equate to that work.


Academic Plan - Plan courses and guidelines for future semesters.  Add messages for students.

+ Academic Plan Instructions (advisors)


Degree Audit - Determine how a current student's course work has been applied to the degree program he or she has declared, or how it may apply to a particular degree program of interest for newly admitted, non-degree, or current students.

+ Degree Audit Instructions (current students)


Schedule of Classes - Search and view the schedule of course offerings in myNKU, including sections and their requirements for a given academic period.

+ Schedule of Classes (Advisors):  Instructions
+ Schedule of Classes (Faculty):  Instructions
+ Schedule of Classes (Administrators): Instructions


Class Roster - Search and view rosters of students registered for particular courses and sections for a given academic period.

+ Class Roster:  Instructions


Registration Cart View - View courses in a student's registration cart by student or by course.

+ Registration Cart View:  Instructions  Video Tutorial


Advisor Info - Run and view the "Student - Advisor Information" Query in Business Warehouse, displaying a list of students with their associated advisor(s) and contact information based on the student's specialization.


Section Information - Launch and search the event offering application in the SAP GUI application.

Permit Quick Entry* - Issue permits for students to register for specific course sections with pre-requisites or other restrictions.

+ Permit Quick Entry:  Instructions  Video Tutorial


Permit View/Edit - Search and view permits issued for a specific academic period, by course (with or without section) or by student.

Student Quick Search

The Student Quick Search content area provides access to individual student records, through which more functionality is available on the various tabs and "You Can Also" drop-down list.

The default tab on the student record is the Overview tab / Quick Reference sub-tab, which contains at-a-glance information about the student as described in in the Quick Reference sub-tab QRC.

Academic History / Academic Work

The Academic History tab / Academic Work sub-tab also allows advisors to view a student's historical work, including those courses which may be excluded from a student's earned credit hours or GPA calculation. See the View Excluded Academic Work QRC to learn how to adjust your settings if you need to see these exclusions.

Advisor Assignment - Assign or end date an advisor for a particular student.

+ Advisor Assignment:  Instructions

Class Schedule - View a PDF document showing the courses/sections for which a student is currently registered.

Course Overload* - Grant students permission to register for more than 18 credit hours in a semester.

+ Course Overload:  Instructions

Course Registration* - Search, select, and register a student into courses for open terms.

+ Course Registration Manual (Faculty & Staff)

Grades - View a student's grades for a specific academic period.

Unofficial Transcript - View a PDF document showing a student's unofficial transcript of coursework.

Program Change/Declaration* - Initiate a change of program of study (major, minor, focus, certificate, or certification) on behalf of a student by submitting an online request.

+ Overview Instructions  FAQs
+ Add a Program of Study:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Change a Program of Study:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Delete a Program of Study:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Cancel a Submitted Request:  Instructions
+ Approve/Reject Program Change/Declaration Request (Universal Worklist):
     Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Filtering the Universal Worklist:  Instructions
+ Forward / Assign Task (Universal Worklist):  Instructions
+ Advising Requirements (listed by college/department)


Advisor Worklist

The default My Advisees query in the Advisor Worklist content area allows academic advisors to view the of students to whom they are assigned as an advisor in myNKU, and to send email to one or more of those students.

+ My Advisees Worklist:  Instructions