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The Employee Self-Service (ESS) tab consists of five sub-tabs through which faculty, staff and student employees access the tab's various functions. Access to the ESS tab is provided to all employees during the hiring process.  Reference documentation is provided below the description of each function available; click the link below to jump down to the section of this page related to the sub-tab:

Benefits and Payment
Personal Information
Time Management


BENEFITS & PAYMENT subtab under Employee Self-Service provides access to annual benefits enrollment information and the ability to view pay statements.

Open Enrollment - Annual benefits enrollment is available during a specific window of time in the fall, and allows employees the opportunity to make adjustments to health care, life, and disability insurance coverages for the following calendar year.

Benefits Annual Enrollment Instructions

+ View Current Elections
+ Terms and Conditions
+ Personal Profile
+ Dependents
+ Benefits Summary
+ Health Plans
+ Insurance Plans
+ Flex Spending Accounts
+ Review and Save


New Hire Enrollment - Available only for newly-hired employees to enroll in benefit plans for the coming calendar year.

+ New Hire Benefits Enrollment:  Instructions


Participation Overview - View a list of plans in which you are currently enrolled and their details, as well as access links to the websites of benefit providers.

+ View Benefits Participation:  Instructions  Video Tutorial


Salary Statement - View a current salary statement as of your pay date, as well as access past salary statements.

+ View Pay Statement:  Instructions


W-4 - Modify your existing federal and state withholding in myNKU.

+ W-4 Withholding:  Instructions



PERSONAL INFORMATION subtab under Employee Self-Service provides access to add or modify personal information related to benefits and payment, including an employee's address(es) of record, family members or dependents, and NKU office and phone numbers.  Information and links are also provided about payroll forms and W-2 mailing.

Addresses - View and edit address of permanent residence, and view, edit, or delete one additional mailing address.

+ Maintain Addresses:  Instructions  Video Tutorial


Direct Deposit Authorization forms must be submitted in person with a photo ID in the payroll office in AC 613 or this can be submitted via a secure dropbox.  Please contact payroll to send you an invitation to the dropbox.  Payroll can be contacted at:  Kellie Ziesemer or Stacey Horan


Family Members / Dependents and Emergency Contacts - Add or edit family members to be designated as emergency contacts, dependents or beneficiaries for tax and benefit purposes.

+ Maintain Family Members/Dependents:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Maintain Emergency Contacts:  Instructions  Video Tutorial


Change Own Data - Edit NKU building, office, and telephone numbers available for display in the NKU Directory.

+ Change Own Data:  Instructions  Video Tutorial


TIME MANAGEMENT under Employee Self-Service provides access for NKU employees to enter time for payroll purposes and view their accrued sick and vacation time, if eligible. More detailed information about leaves and absences can be found in Section F of the NKU Policies and Procedures Handbook.

+ Time Management FAQs


Attendance and Absence Recording allows students, staff, and fiscal-year faculty employees to enter time worked or absences for each biweekly or monthly pay period.

+ Student Time Entry (Biweekly):  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Staff Time Entry (Biweekly):  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Monthly Staff & FY Faculty Absence Entry:  Instructions  Video Tutorial


Quota Overview allows eligible employees to view sick and vacation time accruals. Clicking the Quota Overview link displays the employee's information (illustrations are included in the attendance and absence recording instructions and videos above).  Questions about accruals can be directed to the payroll office for staff, and the provost's office for faculty.


TRAVEL is used by employees and administrators to enter travel requests and expense reports for trips that involve university, foundation, or grant funding.

Travel Documentation: Overview  FAQs  Checklist

The Overviews area provides the following link(s):

My Trips and Expenses - Employees may click this link to view travel requests and expenses previously entered.  Approved requests will include a link to allow the user to create an expense report for the approved trip.

+ Using My Trips and Expenses to View Travel:  Instructions  Video Tutorial


My Employees - Administrators who enter travel requests and expense reports for others in their departments use this link to select the employee for whom they wish to initiate a request/expense, and then proceed to create the appropriate form on that person's behalf.

+ Create and Filter Employee List:  Instructions  Video Tutorial

The Create New area provides the following links:

Create Travel Request - Users may click this link to initiate a new travel request.

+ Create Travel Request / Calendar of Trips:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Copy Travel Request:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Add Additional Destination:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Change Cost Center Assignment:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Create Electronic Attachment:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Save Draft:  Instructions  Video Tutorial

Create Travel Expense Report - Users may click this link to initiate a new travel expense report for a trip without an associated travel request, such as trips with no overnight stay, or mileage-only reimbursements.  Expense reports for trips which DO have associated requests should be initiated from the My Trips and Expenses link described above.

+ Create Expense Report:  Instructions
+ Create Electronic Attachment:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Save Draft:  Instructions  Video Tutorial

+Return Travel for Correction – Use these instructions for sending a travel request or expense back to the initiator for correction or updates: Instructions

+Update Travel Returned for Correction – Use these instructions for correcting or updating a travel request or expense returned for correction: Instructions   

The Additional Information area provides the following helpful links to travel-related websites outside myNKU, for easy reference while entering travel requests and expense reports.

+ Currency Converter
+ MapQuest
+ Concur
+ Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet

Comptroller Website - Travel Information and Forms

Other information related to Travel processing:

Approval of travel requests and expense reports takes place via the My Inbox tab; documentation related to approvals can be found on the My Inbox page.

Business Warehouse reports related to travel (Travel Management and Travel Reimbursements) can be found on the BW Report Inventory web page.