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Grants Management, while not an actual tab within myNKU, is a unique reason why some employees access the system.  This page provides a one-stop resource for links to information, instructions, and tutorials on the business and reporting functions related to grants for the convenience of Principal Investigators and administrators who manage grants, as well as employees whose pay is funded in whole or in part by grant- or match-funded dollars.


Grants Management Functions in myNKU
The following business functions related to grants are completed in myNKU. The links below will lead you to the page of this website which details the tab of myNKU through which they are completed, and provides access to the written instructions and video tutorials for each task.

+ Parked Vendor Invoices:  Entry   Approval
+ Personnel Action Requests (PARs):  Entry   Approval
+ Purchase Requisitions:  Entry   Approval
+ Time and Effort Certification:  Entry   Approval
+ Travel Requests and Expense Reports:  Entry   Approval
+ Budget Transfers: must be requested through Barb Smith


Grants Management Reporting Interface
Most commonly used grants management reports are now collected in this easy-to-use application through the Business Warehouse in a series of tabs and views. If you are not already logged into myNKU, the link below will prompt you to do so.

+ Access the Grants Management Reporting Application
+ Grants Management Reporting Application: Instructions


Grants Management Reporting - SAP GUI
Review basic financial information related to travel, procurement card expenses, payroll, budget transfers, and tuition charges as applied to grant and match funding, and use the Grant Budget Consumption (ZGBC) and Grant Project Consumption (ZGPC) reports in the SAP GUI.

Grant Budget Consumption Report (ZGBC)
Grant Project Consumption Report (ZGPC)


Grants Management Reporting - Business Warehouse (BW)
Review basic terminology related to the Business Explorer and BEx Web Analyzer navigation interfaces, and access specific grant-related queries available in the BW:

Grants Management Labor Distribution
Grants Management PBC Payments
Grants Management Recipients of Financial Aid
Grants Management Travel Management Report
Grants Management Travel Reimbursements Report
Grant Transaction List by Month
Grant Transaction List by Month - Manual Payroll Entries