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Meet Our Staff

Amy Danzo Headshot

Amy Danzo, M.Ed.

Director of Testing Services




Favorite thing about NKU: I love how supportive and student-centered NKU is. If students want to succeed, they will. There is a whole network of staff and faculty that are willing to go the extra mile to see students reach that diploma-garnering stage in four years.

Degree and Background: My undergraduate degree is in psychology and my graduate degree is in School/Community Counseling. However, my real passion is witnessing the magic that happens in higher education. I enjoy being a part of the process of seeing students smash obstacles as they reach their academic and career goals. In addition, I absolutely love getting to work with a diverse group of colleagues on access and equity initiatives that are intended to better the lives of all people in the Northern Kentucky region and beyond. 

Tip for Freshmen: Freshmen should always make a point to meet each of their professors at least once during office hours, armed with curiosity about the subject area. It shows that they actually care about succeeding in class. It begins a cycle of positive interaction that can only lead to achievement.

Favorite Hobby: I enjoy writing, creating pieces of art, and cleaning/organizing. All of those are key ingredients to my life. I don’t consider parenting a hobby, or else I would list it as first. My one profound love in life is the ability to parent my four amazing children with my husband.


Amy Danzo Headshot

Connie Cutter, M.Ed.

Administrative Specialist




Favorite thing about NKU: I love seeing how this campus has grown. It is an amazing place!  

Degree and Background: I have both my Bachelors and Masters in Elementary Education from NKU. I retired from teaching with years taught in 1st and 2nd grades and junior high with 2nd grade being my favorite!  I have also worked in the office at my husband's construction company for over 30 years.  

Tip for Freshmen: Get involved and live on campus!

Favorite Hobby: I hope spending time with my family is considered a hobby because there is nothing I'd rather do than be with them!


Stephanie Menchen Headshot

Stephanie Menchen, B.A.

Assistant Director




Favorite thing about NKU: As a 2009 graduate from NKU, I have now found myself helping students that are just like my younger self. I have loved being back on campus and seeing how much it has changed and grown. Everyone here is so supportive and makes it a priority to put students first. I experienced this support as a student, and am now able to instill those values as a staff member. 

Degree and Background: My undergraduate degree is in Art, with a focus on Photography. While I still love Photography, I found myself working in higher education several years ago and have loved helping students along their path to graduation. 

Tip for Freshmen: Get involved! There are so many opportunities to get involved in. This is a perfect way to familiarize yourself with other students, faculty, staff and the campus. 

Favorite Hobby: I enjoy photography, traveling, reading and spending time with my husband Dylan and our sons, Connor, Ethan, and Grant.

Barb Duell Headshot

Alexis Ross, B.A.

Testing Coordinator



Favorite thing about NKU: The faculty at NKU is like no other. I’ve never experienced a more dedicated faculty than the ones at NKU. The professors and staff are here to help students in anyway they can. They go above and beyond to provide and assist the students in succeeding. And that makes me a proud alumni.

Degree and Background: My undergraduate degree is in English & Creative Writing and I am also currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in English at NKU as well. My long-term goal is to teach at a higher education level.

Tip for Freshmen: Get involved and make connections! I can’t stress how important this is in a college student’s career. The people you meet here on campus could very well influence your future in the most positive way. Not only does it show your ambition but it shows your passions too. Make the connections here that will last a lifetime!

Favorite Hobby: My hobbies include reading, writing, over-analyzing the meaning of movies, lots of researching random things that pique my curiosity, and spending time with my loved ones.