Amy Danzo, M.Ed.

Director of Testing Services


Favorite thing about NKU: I love how supportive and student-centered NKU is. If students want to succeed, they will. There is a whole network of staff and faculty that are willing to go the extra mile to see students reach that diploma-garnering stage in four years.

Degree and Background: My undergraduate degree is in psychology and my graduate degree is in School/Community Counseling. But, my real passion is higher education. I enjoy being a part of the process of seeing students on their path to graduating in four years.

Tip for Freshmen: Freshmen should always make a point to meet each of their professors at least once during office hours, armed with curiosity about the subject area. It shows that they actually care about succeeding in class. It begins a cycle of positive interaction that can only lead to achievement.

Favorite Hobby: I enjoy writing, running, creating pieces of art, and cleaning/organizing. All of those are key ingredients to my life. I don’t consider parenting a hobby, or else I would list it as first. My one profound love in life is the ability to parent my three amazing children with my husband.



Stephanie Menchen, B.A.

Senior Testing Coordinator


Favorite thing about NKU: As a 2009 graduate from NKU, I have now found myself helping students that are just like my younger self. I have loved being back on campus and seeing how much it has changed and grown. Everyone here is so supportive and makes it a priority to put students first. I experienced this support as a student, and am now able to instill those values as a staff member. 

Degree and Background: My undergraduate degree is in Art, with a focus on Photography. While I still love Photography, I found myself working in higher education several years ago and have loved helping students along their path to graduation. 

Tip for Freshmen: Get involved! There are so many opportunities to get involved in. This is a perfect way to familiarize yourself with other students, faculty, staff and the campus. 

Favorite Hobby: I enjoy photography, traveling, reading and spending time with my husband Dylan and our son Connor.


Barbara Narwold, B.A.

Testing Coordinator


Favorite thing about NKU: “I LUV NKU”-Dr. Proctor…Three simple words I didn’t think I would remember from my orientation back in 2010, however they are three words I have and will forever take with me in my career. There are many reasons behind my spirit toward the university, but it is primarily the many charismatic leaders that work here. Faculty and Staff care deeply and go the extra mile to help their students with their ambitions and to be successful in their careers. 

Degree and Background: I received my BA in Organizational Leadership here at Northern Kentucky University. I have a passion for higher education and helping students attain their goals. Seeing students be successful is what drives me to continue my work. 

Tip for Freshmen: Network, network, network! I can’t express the importance of networking. Being involved on campus is a great opportunity to network with other students with similar interests. There are many different organizations on campus that are bound to offer something of your liking. Networking effectively will help you land that dream job after graduation. 

Favorite Hobby: I love to volunteer! When I was a student I was involved in Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity, and still involved with it today as an advisor. I also enjoy being outdoors, spending time with family, or traveling in my spare time.


Alexis Ross

Testing Assistant


Favorite thing about NKU: My favorite thing about NKU is the atmosphere. People here are so nice and welcoming and really make you feel right at home. Nobody is excluded from attending any events held on campus and they always encourage you to come to different programs.  

Major and Background: English major with a Creative Writing Track. I love reading novels and poems, and I want to be able to write fiction novels and books of poems. 

Tip for Freshmen: My tip for freshmen is to get involved! Find something you're interested in whether it be APB, ROCKS, Pep Band etc. This makes it so much easier for you to be able to make new friends and be more aware of events happening on campus. 

Favorite Hobby: I love to listen to music (any genre), I honestly can't go a day without Pandora. I like to read and write short stories and poems in my spare time. I also enjoy playing the flute, and watching horror movies. 


Mariah Jones

Testing Assistant


Favorite thing about NKU: My favorite thing about NKU has got to be the Office of Student Inclusiveness. Their endless efforts towards making our college a safer place for students and staff of all backgrounds is one of the reasons I chose to attend this school.   

Major: English major with a focus in Creative Writing.  

Tip for Freshmen: Join an organization! Find something you care about! I promise, it will make your college experience much more fulfilling.  

Favorite Hobby: Writing, reading, and performing slam poetry.  


Melanie Hug

Testing Assistant


Favorite thing about NKU: I love the programs, resources, and support that are available to parents attending college and returning college students.

Major and Background: My major is RN to BSN. My background is in psychiatric nursing and assertive community health nursing. After graduating with a bachelor's degree, I plan to focus on public health and maternal-child nursing. .  

Tip for Freshmen: Work hard, engage, ask questions, get good sleep, and be yourself. 

Favorite Hobby: Exploring new and old places with my three-year-old son, Zayed.